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ESDGC Climate change.  Global Warming Wordsearch.

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1 ESDGC Climate change

2  Global Warming Wordsearch

3  To examine what global warming is  To explore how climate change occurs  To decide how we can prevent this happening

4  Read the handout part 2 on Climate Change.  Fill in the blanks using the following words; Carbon Dioxide x2 Flooding Heat Human Activity Temperature SunLight Climate Change Greenhouse Gases Really Cold

5  lNI lNI

6 WALL-E  Humans have left the earth in this film.  WHY?  Describe what earth looks like in the film

7  Read the handout part 3. Fill in the blanks with the following words; Sustainable Protect Australia Everyone Reduce USA Industrial Activity Emissions

8  Write a formal letter to those governments that did not sign up to the Kyoto protocol and encourage them to do so

9  What is ESDGC?  What is Global Warming?  What is the consequence of global warming?  What can we do to help?  Why is it important we do this?

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