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Responding to a Piece of Art

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1 Responding to a Piece of Art
Raspberries and Goldfish Response Raspberries and Goldfish by Janet Fish

2 Describe: Who created this piece? What medium was used?
What style is used? When was it created? What is the subject matter? What elements dominate? (ie. Line, shape, texture, colour…..? List what types of lines, shapes, textures, etc that you see What patterning is present? What colour scheme is used?

3 Analyze: How are things placed? Are there any contrasts created?
What grabs your attention first?(focal point)? Explain. How does your eye travel through the work? What guides it?

4 Interpret: What do you think Janet Fish was trying to convey? Explain. How do you get this impression? How does this painting make you feel? Explain.

5 Judge: Is this piece of work successful? Explain.
i.e. How realistic is it? Does it matter? Do you get a distinctive sense of style? Would you put it on your wall? Does the artist convey a message effectively? Explain. Is this composition pleasing to the eye? Explain. Is it worth considering and why?


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