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EQ – What are the structures of the modern governments of Africa?

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1 EQ – What are the structures of the modern governments of Africa?

2 Remember… What are some of the government systems we have discussed?

3 For example… Unitary – power is held by one central authority
Confederation – a group of states united for a common purpose Federal – power is divided between one central government and several regional authorities

4 You try… In Nigeria’s government, power is divided between central and regional authorities. This is an example of which government type? A. Unitary B. Confederation C. Federal D. Parliamentary

5 Examples continued… Autocratic – one person possesses UNLIMITED power and the citizen has little if any role in the government Oligarchic – Government by few…the citizen has a very limited role Democracy – The supreme power is vested in the people and through a system of representation usually involving free elections

6 You try… B. Democracy C. Autocracy D. Theocracy
All citizens participate equally in which type of government? A. Oligarchy B. Democracy C. Autocracy D. Theocracy

7 Democratic Governments:
Presidential – the president is constitutionally independent of legislature Parliamentary – executive power is invested in a cabinet composed of members of a legislature. May have a prime minister.

8 Modern African Governments
Country Type of Government and Form of Leadership Citizen Participation in voting and Personal Freedoms Kenya Type: Executive: Legislative: Independence Date: South Africa Sudan South Sudan

9 Kenya

10 Kenya… Name: Republic of Kenya Government Type: Republic
Capital: Nairobi Independence: Dec. 12, 1962 (from U.K.) Executive Branch: President Elections – five-year terms (eligible for 2) Must win 25% of vote in at least 5 of Kenya’s 7 provinces

11 More… Legislative Branch: Judicial Branch Unicameral!
224 seats. 210 members are elected Judicial Branch Court of appeal and high court

12 Sudan

13 Sudan… Government Type: Dictatorship/Autocratic Capital: Khartoum
Independence: Jan.1, 1956 (from U.K.) Executive Branch: President Elections last held in Dec. 2000 Legislative Branch: Bicameral…council of states and national assembly (members are appointed by president) Judicial Branch: Constitutional court of 9 justices & National Supreme Court

14 South Sudan Government Type: Democratic Republic Capital: Juba
Independence: July 9, 2011 (from Sudan) Executive Branch: President is both chief of state and head of government. (last election April 11-15, 2010 Legislative Branch: Bicameral – National Legislative Assembly & Council of States elected by the people Judicial Branch: Supreme Court

15 South Africa

16 South Africa… Government Type: Republic Capital: Pretoria
May 31, 1910 (from U.K.) then May 31, 1961 (Republic declared) Executive Branch: President (held for five year terms) Legislative Branch: Bicameral Parliament consisting of National Assembly and National Council of Provinces Judicial Branch: Supreme Court of Appeals, High Court

17 Now, turn to your elbow partner and discuss the structures of modern governments of Africa.

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