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Early Industrialization England 17 th & 18 th Century.

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1 Early Industrialization England 17 th & 18 th Century

2 Agricultural Revolution Changes in farming allowed fewer people to produce more food Enclosures—created large farms and forced poorer people to move to cities Crop rotation—growing different crops allowed soil to regenerate & produce more Select livestock breeding—the best reproduce

3 Benefits of Geography Natural resources like coal, iron, wool, tin, etc. Rivers & canals—transportation & water power Harbors—transportation & easy trade Island—no place more than 70 miles from the coast

4 Why England? More than natural resources are needed to start industrialization Large population of workers Education—inventors, entrepreneurs, and workers allow business to operate Stable government—did not participate in all the wars on the continent Strong economy—money to invest

5 The spiral up… Textiles become industrialized first One invention leads to more inventions Flying shuttle to spinning jenny to water frame to cotton gin and on Leaders realize the potential and forbid workers to emigrate Industrialization also allows slavery to continue in the American South

6 Transportation Goods must be shipped Steam engine—used in factories, ships and trains Railway boom—rails provide the easiest overland shipping People and communication travels faster as transportation improves

7 Manchester, England Industrialization leads to urbanization and new problems for the government Slums—the rapid migration means poor living conditions for many workers Poverty leads to crime Workers are paid but endure terrible conditions and few opportunities to improve their lives

8 More money, more problems Industrialization leads to social class issues The upper classes and the lower classes both lose out while the middle class grows The nobility can not maintain their wealth without moving into business which they look down on Working class is at the mercy of their bosses

9 Benefits Wealth increases Technology continues to increase Overall life improves—better health, nutrition, housing Once the government starts to regulate business & workers realize their power improvements are made

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