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EQ: Why did people immigrate to the United States?

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1 EQ: Why did people immigrate to the United States?
Immigration EQ: Why did people immigrate to the United States?

2 Immigration factors Push factors: things that drive people away from one location to find a new place to live and work Pull factors: things that attract people to a new location

3 Why do people emigrate? Are these push or pull factors?
Hope for better opportunity Religious freedom Escape from cruel or unfair government Adventure

4 65 million??? Since the US began keeping records in 1820, more than 65 million people have come to live in this country Why did so many come here in the 19th century? Rapid growth of industry What area in the US did most of the factories exist? So most immigrants lived where?

5 Experience in the land of opportunity
Immigrants were not always welcomed with open arms Ethnic and religious tensions were common among immigrant groups Earlier immigrants were afraid the new immigrants would take their jobs away Immigrants from all over experienced discrimination in the work place

6 Where did they come from?
The first group of immigrants came before 1890, people emigrated from northern and western Europe. Most of these immigrants came from countries including Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Norway, & Sweden

7 Where else? From about early 1900s, many people came from southern and eastern Europe. They emigrated from countries such as Italy, Greece, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, & Russia

8 Where did they settle? Many immigrants were so poor that they settled near the place where they came into the United States, like New York City or Boston Others moved south or west as the country’s population grew

9 Immigrants often established close-knit communities in big cities such as
Cincinnati, Ohio Milwaukee, Wisconsin Chicago, Illinois Cleveland, Ohio

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