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Westward Expansion: Post Civil War.

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1 Westward Expansion: Post Civil War

2 Native Culture Native American Indian population/cultures before Europeans arrive


4 Trail of Tears— The Movement from East to West

5 Trail of Tears Route

6 Trail of Tears to Indian Territory
Indian Territory— Native Americans moved from east join Native Americans from west

7 Native American Post-Reservation
Native Americans were forced onto reservations in the land west of the Mississippi River between

8 Minnesota Native American Land Lost

9 Minnesota Reservations

10 Black Population in US 1800

11 Black Population in US 1900

12 Manifest Destiny Again

13 Homesteaders Homestead Act 1862 Farmers headed west
Land for free— but taken from Native Americans

14 US Population 1850

15 US Population 1900 Notice the change!

16 Railroads heading West: Late 1800s

17 Railroads by 1890

18 Impact of Railroads on Expansion
Transcontinental Railroad build Allowed for Railroads to sell land along route Note the dates of Homestead Act 1862 and the reservation policy for Native Americans as 1867—Do you think they are at all related to the building of the railroad? If you kill the buffalo, build railroads across the land, and add farmers to carve up the land—what happens to the Native American culture?

19 Buffalo and Decline

20 Killing the Buffalo The Native American Way— use all parts, share the resources The American way—kill for sport and bounty and leave remains to rot

21 Railroads support killing

22 Buffalo Skulls

23 Buffalo Hides

24 US Population 2000

25 Where are people living?
Think back to the migration and immigration during the period of westward expansion. Think of a group—now where would they live? Another group Did you think about these groups? Where do they live?

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