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Road to the Revolutionary War By: Samantha Ritchey November 10, 2010.

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1 Road to the Revolutionary War By: Samantha Ritchey November 10, 2010

2 First Continental Congress Colonial delegates discuss response to Intolerable Acts – Banned trade with Britain – Begin training military troops – Uphold colonial rights Not ready to call for independence – Meet again in 7 months

3 In-between Not at war, but not in time of peace Rely on boycott – All previous boycotts were successful Continue to train military Parliament increases restrictions

4 Tensions Increase Both sides have spies – Loyalists help Britain – Patriot workers watched British movement British learned of militia activities – Storing arms and ammunition in Concord, Massachusetts – Samuel Adams and John Hancock were in Lexington, Massachusetts British wanted to arrest them for acts of treason

5 Midnight Ride April 18, 1775 – British General ordered troops to… Arrest Adams and Hancock in Lexington Destroy ammunition in Concord – Paul Revere and William Dawes Messengers for colonists System to spread news if captured Midnight Ride

6 Lexington and Concord 700 British troops reach Lexington – 70 militiamen are waiting No one knows who fired first British marched on to Concord – Destroyed colonial military supplies Battle broke out in Concord – British retreat – 4, 000 minutemen and militiamen were waiting 1 st battles of the Revolutionary War

7 Army Americans attack Ft. Ticonderoga Second Continental Congress – Create a Continental Army George Washington as Commanding General – Prior experience in the French and Indian War – Print paper money Pay soldiers

8 Bunker Hill Colonists seized Bunker and Breed’s Hill British General unhappy with this – 2,200 British soldiers attack Breed’s Hill Colonel William Prescott (colonial militia) – “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.” British fell back, then charged again – They took the hill Lost 1,000+ men

9 Attempt for Peace Olive Branch Petition – Asked king to restore harmony between the two Rejected George Washington – Militia not trained enough Trained men all summer – Attack Quebec Hope to gain support Failed

10 Boston Canons and large guns from Ft. Ticonderoga – Put in place at Dorchester Heights Overlooks Boston Americans threaten to bombard Boston – British soldiers retreat from Boston – Loyalists leave Boston as well Create a committee to draft the Declaration of Independence

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