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Mike Jones CAI, GPPA, BAS President United Country Auction Services.

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1 Mike Jones CAI, GPPA, BAS President United Country Auction Services

2 "In this volatile business of ours, we can ill afford to rest on our laurels, even to pause in retrospect. Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future."

3 Dream It Believe It Achieve It

4 In 2010, United Country Auctioneers conducted almost 2100 auctions nationwide and sold over $181 million in gross sales volume. We are projected to do over 2000 auctions in 2011 with proceeds to exceed $200 million. 16 New Auction Offices 115 Total Auction Offices 247 Total Auctioneers 3,144 units were sold by the auction method with proceeds exceeding $368 million!

5 Since December 2007, Auction Volume has increased by 73% Total Units have increased by 72% since 2007

6 News Video Marketing Services Pheasants Forever Partnership Colliers International The Land Report

7 Training & Events UC Auction Summit Texas Auction Academy Webinars NAA National Convention Ducks Unlimited National Convention Colliers International National Convention FFA Alumni Auction

8 When Bruce Witt first heard United Country was adding an auction division he thought “this is stupid, why does United Country need a bunch of pots & pans salesmen?” As time went by, he heard how offices were utilizing auctions to sell land and thought maybe he’d “try one on for size someday”. Someday came when he received a call from a client wanting to sell their farm by auction. He couldn’t find an auctioneer nearby so he contacted the Home Office for assistance. With much guidance from the home office he had his first auction and sold the farm. Bruce followed his first auction by attending Texas Auction Academy and moved right into regularly selling properties by auction. He now believes United Country Auction Services is “the best thing to come down the pike since websites!”. Case Study

9  An outside auctioneer contacted United Country for assistance in selling a 100,000 square foot conference center on 1,750 acres in Southern Oklahoma.  Project scope was to market the property as a multi-parcel auction selling absolute to the highest bidder.  Marketing and promotion focused on the local and regional investor buyers as well as national rehab and treatment centers and oil and gas companies. We also engaged with Brian Bendele’s video production company to create a custom designed property showcase video driving additional buyer interest.  Over 26,000,000 market impressions and more than 3,800 unique visitors to the auction website from the marketing campaign.  Results: Property sold prior to auction for more than the seller expected

10 Once You’ve Achieved It, Dream of More!

11 2012 Vision Regional Auction Training Events Training Webinars Press Room Library on the Intranet New Strategic Partnerships Focus on International Footprint EMS Banner Ad Availability on the Auction Site

12 "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."

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