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Film and Television Production

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1 Film and Television Production
AKSON STUDIO Film and Television Production 1

2 Akson Studio: feature films television series docummentaries
television programmes entertainment shows educational programmes theatre plays for the Television Theatre Winner of many prestigious television and festival awards 2

3 Akson Studio: Artistic competence Education as film director
Managerial skills Experience and personal achievements 3

4 Let's go to the movies tommorow (TV)
Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles Holywood Eagle for Best Feature Film La Rochelle International TV Production Festival Best European Fiction Film Prix Europe Festival in Berlin - Best TV Feature Film International War Film Festival in Moscow - Best Cinematographer country: Poland genre: melodrama, war movie director: Michał Kwieciński screenplay: Jerzy Stefan Stawiński score: Misza Hairulin runtime: 85 4

5 Extras New York Polish Film Festival Audience Award
5 Awards on Polish Film Festival, Gdynia Audience Best Cinematographer Best Screenplay Best Supporting Actress Best Supporting Actor Polish Film Award Eagle – 5 nominations country: Poland genre: comedy of manners director Michał Kwieciński screenplay Jarosław Sokół cinematography Arkadiusz Tomiak score Michał Lorenc runtime: 118 5

6 Marta Meszaros FIPRESCI Prize, Cannes Golden Berlin Bear, Berlin
Roman Polański Academy Award Winner Golden Palm, Cannes Paweł Edelman Academy Award Nominee ASC Award Nominee Allan Starsky Academy Award Winner Cesar Award Krystyna Janda Best Actress, Cannes Film Festival European Film Award Nominee Daniel Olbrychski Stanislavsky Prize, Moscow Int. Film Festival Bob Hoskins Academy Award Nominee Best Actor, Cannes Film Festival 6

7 ANDRZEJ WAJDA 1981 Grand Prix „La Palm d’Or” (Golden Palm), International Film Festival, Cannes 1982 Prix Onassis, Athens 1987 Kyoto Prize, Japan, which he donated in full to establish the Kyoto-Cracow Foundation 1990 “Felix” - European Film Awards - Lifetime Achievement Award 1997 Praemium Imperiale, Japan 1997 Golden Lion, Film Festival in Venice 2000 “Oscar” – the American Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement 2005 Platinum Lion Special Award for Lifetime Achievement, the 30th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2006 Honorary Golden Bear for lifetime achievement, International Film Festival in Berlin 2009 The Alfred Bauer Award for setting new perspectives in film art, International Film Festival in Berlin 7

8 Katyń 2008 Academy Award nomination 2009 Czech Lion nomination
2008 European Film Award 2008 Eagle (Polish Film Award) country: Poland genre: drama director Andrzej Wajda screenplay Władysław Pasikowski cinematography Paweł Edelman score Krzysztof Penderecki make-up Waldemar Pokromski runtime: 116 8

9 Sweet Rush 2009 Alfred Bauer Award, Internation Film Festival, Berlin
Polish Film Award 2009 Golden Duck nominations: Best Film Best Female Role Best Male Role Best Cinematographer Best Screenplay country: Poland genre: drama director Andrzej Wajda screenplay Andrzej Wajda cinematography Paweł Edelman runtime: 85 9

10 Akson Studio has produced 22 feature films
„Stacja” („The Stadion”) , screenplay and directed by P. Wereśniak starring B. Linda, Z. Zamachowski, O. Lubaszenko, K. Figura „Zemsta” („The Revange”) based on A. Fredro’s play, directed by A. Wajda starring J. Gajos, A. Seweryn, R. Polański, K. Figura, A. Buzek „Oda do radości” („Ode to Joy”) screenplay and directed by A. Kazejak, P. Komasa, M. Migas starring M. Buczkowska, P. Głowacki, L. Żurek „Statyści” („Extras”) screenplay by J. Sokół, directed by M. Kwieciński starring B. Opania, K. Preis, K. Stelmaszyk, A. Romanowska „Jutro idziemy do kina” („Let’s go to the movies tomorrow”) screenplay by J. S. Stawiński, directed by A. Wajda starring A. Pawlicki, K. Wesołowski, M. Damięcki „Drzazgi” („Splinters”) screenplay by B. Kurowski, M. Pieprzyca, directed by M. Pieprzyca starring A. Pawlicki, M. Hycnar, K. Piechota International coproductions „Gebűrtig”, directed by Lukas Stepanik, Robert Schindel Starring D. Olbrychski (coproduction: Austria, Germany Eurimages, Poland) „Where Eskimos live”, screenplay by T. Wiszniewski i A. Grębowicz, directed by T. Wiszniewski, starring Bob Hoskins, K. Majchrzak (coproduction: Poland, Germany, USA, Canada) „Imre Nagy “ screenplay by M. Meszaros, E. Pataki, directed by M. Meszaros starring J. Nowicki, E. Telega, J. Frycz (coproduction: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia) 10

11 Oficerowie (The Officers), Trzeci oficer (The Third Officer)
Oficer (The Officer), Oficerowie (The Officers), Trzeci oficer (The Third Officer) 3 seasons x 13 episodes Average Share 16 %, Average Audience 2,16 mln Directed by Maciej Dejczer 11

12 Average Share 22% , Average Audience 3 mln
Magda M. 4 seasons x 13 episodes Average Share 22% , Average Audience 3 mln Directed by Jacek Borcuch, Maciej Dejczer, Krzysztof Lang 12

13 In production since 2002, more than 1400 episodes
Samo Życie (Just Life) In production since 2002, more than 1400 episodes Average Audience 3,5 mln (Record Audience 6,5 mln) Directed by, among others: Wojciech Nowak, Jacek Sołtysiak, Maciej Pieprzyca, Maciej Dejczer, Jerzy Krysiak, Przemysław Angerman, Michał Rosa 2002 - 13

14 Czas Honoru (Time of Honour)
1 series x 13 episodes (next one in progress) Average Share 17,4 %, Average Audience 2,86 mln Directed by Michał Kwieciński, Michał Rosa & Wojciech Wójcik 2008 - 14

15 Teraz albo nigdy! (Now or Never!)
2 seasons x 13 episodes (next one in progress) Average Share 22 %, Average Audience 3 mln Directed by Grzegorz Kuczeriszka 15

16 Twarzą w twarz (Face to face) 2 seasons x 12 episodes
Average Share 22 %, Average Audience 3 mln Directed by Partyk Vega 16

17 Coproductions in progress
- ‘Master class’ production stage - ‘Irena's Vow’ development stage - ‘Stolen Identity’ development stage 17

18 City A cultural and a commercial event on the Polish film market
A thrilling, controversial subject – the outbreak and the fall of the Warsaw Uprising A local issue – universal meaning Modern methods of realization Long, meticulous preparation and historical documentation An innovative marketing method (Internet series and a social networking game) The total cost of the movie is estimated at 5 mln euros 18

19 Metro musical – a great commercial success (1500 shows, nearly 1.5-million audience) the only Polish show performed on Broadway nomination to Tony Award the Russian Golden Maks, 3 years on stage at Moscow Operetta Theater makers of theatrical success involved in the screen version director: Janusz Józefowicz composer: Janusz Stokłosa easy to create a Russian-version soundtrack the possibility to cast talented Russian singers and dancers the movie and OSTR forecast to be a huge commercial success varied audiences – older fans of the original and the younger generation fascinated with music films The total cost of the movie is estimated at 3,5 mln euros. 19

20 The Polish Film Institute
Subsidies for interantional co-productions the subsidy may not exceed 2 mln zł (0.5 mln euros) for a non-European film – 1.5 mln zł (0.4 mln euros) 20

21 21 Why is it worth cooperating with Akson Studio?
Excellent knowledge of the film and television market - creators, filmmakers and actors - equipment and service back-up - artistic and commercial trends - state-of-the-art production and postproduction techniques of image and sound Effective management of financial means due to experience in years-long negotiations and low-budget productions’ management Experience in effective and efficient use of financial means as well as in managemnt of both high- and low-budget movies Access to the best creators and filmmakers on the market Good skills in human resources management Experience in cooperation with foreign business partners Knowledge of legal and formal regulations The ability to use available sources of funding Innovative marketing and PR methods which guarantee the effective promotion of our productions Cooperation with the largest film distributors in Poland and in Europe Interest of foreign business partners in purchasing our copyrights and formats Reliability, honesty in running and management of production projects Film and television awards as well as satisfying ratings confirm our successes 21

22 22

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