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The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connel Page 12.

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1 The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connel Page 12

2 Conflict: A struggle between opposing forces Internal Conflict: A struggle between a character within itself such as opposing feelings, thoughts, choices External Conflict: A struggle between a character and an outside force

3 Foreshadowing: hints that the author uses to give the reader clues about what will come later in the plot Suspense: The anticipation for what is about to come next in the plot

4 Irony When you expect something to happen but something contradictory occurs Example: “this is the most restful spot,” says Rainsford. (is the island really restful especially with its reputation?)

5 Whitney Hunter Empathetic to animals’ feelings

6 Sanger Rainsford Known hunter Doesn’t care how animals feel From NY “The world is made up of two classes-the hunters and the huntees” Has reason/logic (qualities Zaroff saus are needed for the most dangerous game) Intrigued at first by Zaroff’s generosity

7 General Zaroff Giant, solid, black beard to the waist, wears a uniform, handsome, bizzare face, tall, middle aged, white hair, thick eyebrows, thick, black, military mustache, Wealthy, appears cultured, knowledgable Passionate Always looking for a hunting challenge because he is bored

8 General Zaroff Enjoys the problem of the chase Analytical/problem solver Animal Instincts are no match for human reason Invented new “animal” to hunt; one with reason Rainsford presents Zaroff with ultimate challenge an equal match (more than the ship wrecked sailors)

9 Questions/Discussion How does Zaroff trick the sailors? What is his theory for the hunt?

10 Ivan Strong, Cossack (Southern European Russia) Served as a waiter/ alternative death sentence if choose not to play Zaroff’s game

11 Setting Caribbean sea on a ship heading toward Rio Ship Trap Island- has a bad reputation among the sailors Maze of trails, hills, swamps, jungle (Death Swamp) Zaroff’s chateau

12 Plot Man vs. nature (give an explanation) Man vs. man (give an explanation) Man vs. fate (give an explanation) Man vs. Self (give an explanation) Man vs. Society (give an explanation)

13 Explain the four traps… Trap one Trap Two Trap Three Trap Four

14 What is the climax of the story? What is the resolution? Make a plot diagram….

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