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Reading 1. I don't get enough sleep. I feel tired in class.

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1 Reading 1


3 I don't get enough sleep. I feel tired in class.

4 I don't have enough time to do my homework.

5 It's very noisy at home. The TV is always on.

6 I don't have close friends. Sometimes,I feel lonely.

7 I always quarrel with my cousin.

8 My parents work all day. They don't have time for me.

9 I am getting fat.

10 (she doesn’t have enough time for hobbies and homework) 1. What is Millie’s favourite hobby? Listen to the tape, then answer the questions: 2. What is Millie’s problem? (painting)

11 Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks. Millie is a Grade 9 student. She has a problem and wants to know it.she has a lot of hobbies. is her favourite hobby. She has a lot of every day. She needs to work hard and her homework. But she finds that she so much time her homework. She can’t find any time for her hobbies. She can’t decide her homework and time on her hobbies. Should she her homework and her hobbies? This problem made her very. She asks the youth worker to teach her a balance between the two. how to solve Painting homework hand in on time spends doing when to dowhen to spend unhappy how to achieve focus on give up

12 problems moods hobbies reading writing poems walking shopping painting a lot of homeworkhand inon time spend so much time doing…… need to cannot decide when to … and when to … focus on give upachieve a balance feel badunhappy Millie ( she is a Grade 9 student )


14 Useful expressions: hand in on time spend ……doing sth. need to do sth. focus on give up hear from 上交 按时 花费 …… 做某事 需要做某事 全力赴于 放弃 收到某人的来信 She wants to know how to solve it. She can’t decide when to do her homework.

15 Fill in the blanks : We football. I know I. Could you tell me between homework and hobbies? I don’t know. Should I my homework and my hobbies? 1 、我知道我需要按时交作业。 2 、你能告诉我怎样在功课和爱好之间取得平衡吗? 3 、我不知道要做什么? 4 、我将全力赴于作业而放弃我的爱好吗? 5 、我们花费了大量的时间踢足球。 need to hand in my homework on time how to achieve a balance what to do focus on give up spent a lot of time playing

16 : What problems do you have? Can you give some advice?

17 1. Read the text. 2. Finish off the excise at page 42.

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