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2 Synopsis What was it like before the Great Depression? What caused the collapse of the economy? What was life like during the 1930’s in America? What was the Government doing to help? What ended the depression?

3 The Roaring 20’s 20’s Dance Party

4 Prior to the Great Depression…

5 Black Tuesday


7 The Dust Bowl

8 The Dust Bowl 1930-1939 Drought hit Eastern US in 1930, and by 1934 the Great Plains was turned into a desert Affected 500 million acres (500 miles*300miles) Drought and poor agriculture practices Thousands fled to California for work but many stayed in the region

9 June 4 1937, at Goodwell, Oklahoma, Love A black blizzard over Prowers Co., Colorado, 1937. "Fleeing a dust storm, Rothstein Abandoned Farm

10 Family Life Many families lived together in 1 room shacks, caves or even sewer pipes Families survived off of wild weeds, buying leftover food and home grown food Marriage and divorce rate was down High desertion rate Birth rate below replacement rate Displaced children roamed the country Bud Fields and his family. Alabama. 1935 or 1936- Walker Evans Lange, Migrant Mother

11 Labor of the Great Depression One in Four people were unemployed Women became the breadwinners because they cold be paid lower wages Children were hired because their small size and lower wages Injuries were very common place Grocery Store Clerk

12 Job Rejection Letter November 1, 1929 John Doe 1234 Front St, New York, NY Dear John Doe, As you know we have received many applications and interviewed a number of candidates for the Branch Manager position, and we have determined that we are no longer seeking an individual to fill the position. We are closing the location down due to the sudden down turn in the economy. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that you have not been selected for the position and to thank you for your time. You are a very qualified candidate and would look forward to you applying to jobs in the future. We wish you every personal and professional success with your job search and in the future. Regards, First Nation Bank

13 New Presidency

14 The New Deal

15 World War II

16 Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 Attacked by the Japanese Imperial Headquarters Over 2000 American Soldiers Killed Numerous Navel Boats Destroyed and Damaged Hundreds of Aircraft Destroyed Congress votes to enter WWII The Gettysburg Times (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

17 Symbol of American women’s contribution during WWII Female empowerment Over 6 million women entered the workforce during WWII Rosie the Riveter(Miller)

18 Open Floor Questions or Comments?

19 Works Cited Evans, Walker. Bud Fields and His Family. 1936. Photograph. www.english.illinois.eduWeb. 18 Apr 2013. Lange, Dorothea, "The Assignment I'll Never Forget: Migrant Mother," Popular Photography (February 1960 Rothstein, Auther. Fleeing a Dust Storm. 1936. Photograph., Libray of Congress. Web. 18 Apr 2013. A black blizzard over Prowers Co.. 1937. Photograph., Western History Collection, University of Oklahoma. Web. 18 Apr 2013. Love, Emma. June 4 1937, at Goodwell, Oklahoma.. 1937. Photograph. http://www.weru.ksu.eduWeb. 18 Apr 2013. Miller, J. Howard. Rosie the Riveter. 2010. Graphic. History.comWeb. 10 Apr 2013. 20's Dance Party. 2011. Photograph. www.wordpress.comWeb. 19 Apr 2013. "Japan Attacks Pearl Habor Then Declares War on US." Gettysburg Times 08 12 1941, n. pag. Web. 19 Apr. 2013. unknown, Dust Storm Damage 1930-1940. N.d. Photograph. library.sussex.tec.nj.uWeb. 19 Apr 2013. Abandoned Farm. 2006. Photograph. The Dust BowlWeb. 19 Apr 2013. unknown, “Grocery Clerk - postinjury, circa 1930's,” Teaching & Learning Cleveland, accessed April 19, 2013,

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