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Grades 4-6 Be SAFE Online! Ceres Unified School District.

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1 Grades 4-6 Be SAFE Online! Ceres Unified School District

2 What is CyberSafety? CyberSafety is a common term used to describe a set of practices, measures and/or actions to protect personal information and your computer from attacks. CyberSafety is simply being safe online! You must know about… CyberSafety Threats! CyberSafety Tips! CyberSafety Action Steps!

3 Online Predators File-share AbuseCyberbullies Invasion of Privacy Disturbing Content CyberSafety Threats (to you)

4 Spam PhishingIdentity Theft Hoaxes CyberSafety Threats (to your computer)

5 Internet Safety Basics Internet Safety Video (Click link to play video and use movie size controls to expand play back size)

6 Cyber Safety Tips 1. Never give your name, address, phone number, or the name of your school to anyone online. 2. Never meet someone you’ve found online. 3. If you feel uncomfortable about anything you see on a computer, tell a parent, or a trusted adult right away.

7 Stand up to Cyber Bullying

8 Think B4 U Click Be cautious with email attachments and links. Never open an email attachment from someone you don't know.

9 Be Careful of Downloads Do not download and install software without permission. Once permitted, only download from known or trusted websites. Read privacy statements.

10 Use the Red “X” to Close Pop-ups Always use the red “X” in the corner of a pop-up screen. Never click “yes,” “accept,” or even “cancel,” because it could be a trick that installs software on your computer.

11 CyberSafety Action Steps Be a good digital citizen by following the suggested CyberSafety tips. Create smart passwords and NEVER share. Always log out of computers. Report inappropriate sites to a teacher or other trusted adult. Report to a teacher or other trusted adult any harassment or intimidation online or in email; that is cyber bullying. Follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Be CyberSafe!

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