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Punctuation & Grammar (PaG) in the New Curriculum Phase 2.

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1 Punctuation & Grammar (PaG) in the New Curriculum Phase 2

2 Context New harder curriculum Woven into English sessions PaG lesson a week Use of PaG throughout wider curriculum writing

3 Assessment Aim – pupils to meet the age expected punctuation and grammar element Termly test Afternoon groups

4 Year 2 1.Circle the suffix which makes the word magical an adjective. -al-er-ible-ly 2. Add the commas to this sentence There are giants dragons and castles in this story.

5 Example of Content – Year 2 Using suffixes to create adjectives (ly, ness, ful, less) Compound nouns (armchair) Expanded noun phrases (the cheerful boy stumbled into the dark room) Using Capitals, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks. Using commas in lists Apostrophe for singular possession (Will’s) Apostrophe for contraction (can’t)

6 Year 3 1. Add the correct conjunction to this sentence. I would love to come out to play ________________ I’ve finished my dinner. 2. Which prefix can be added to all of these words to change the meanings to their opposite? Happybelievabletidy

7 Example of Content – Year 3 Using noun prefixes (eg- super–, anti–, auto–) Conjunctions to express time/place/cause ( eg when, before, after, while, so, because) Adverbs – quickly, carefully Prepositions – through, over, behind

8 Ways to help your child… Use the correct terminology when you discuss PaG with them Pick them up on incorrect grammar use in speech Websites to help: http://resources.woodlands-

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