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09/03 Bellringer 5+ sentences!

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1 09/03 Bellringer 5+ sentences!
“…Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I life my lamp beside the golden door!” -inscription on the Statue of Liberty America is often described as a “nation of immigrants”. What do you think this means? Do you believe it is true?

2 Key Concepts Immigration  moving to live permanently in a foreign country Urbanization  a population shift from rural to urban areas that leads to a growth in cities

3 Immigrants in this era tended to be: Young Male Limited skills
Catholic or Jewish Limited English Little education From 1880 to 1921, a record 23 million immigrants arrived in the U.S

4 Most “new immigrants” were coming from southern and eastern Europe

5 Immigrants had to be employable and have at least $25
75% of all immigrants entered the USA through the immigration center at Ellis Island, in New York Immigrants had to pass a health examination…sick people were not let in Immigrants had to be employable and have at least $25

6 Nativism  Viewing immigrants with a sense of fear, suspicion, and hostility
Prejudices based on ethnicity, religion, political and social beliefs Anger over job competition let to nativist demanding a quota system

7 “Immigrants Not Welcome”

8 The Gilded Age experienced massive urbanization
City growth was due to rural Americans moving to cities and immigrants entering the USA

9 Mass transit (trolleys, rail lines, subways) Steel cable bridges
Steel helped cities build up Cities needed: Mass transit (trolleys, rail lines, subways) Steel cable bridges Skyscrapers with elevators Most cities were organized in a circle around a business district (“downtown”)

10 Cities were not prepared for rapid growth
-slums -unclean -overcrowded -fire & crime City services (housing, transportation, water, sanitation) are stretched to the limit

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