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Team Charters Tools & Techniques.

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1 Team Charters Tools & Techniques

2 Team Charters and Natural Work Teams
CONTENTS: Managing a Team Establishing a Charter and Definition An Example of a Team Charter What is a Natural Work Team

3 Managing a team demands basic project management skills
Objectives Timelines Critical Success Factors Plan-Do-Review Deliverables Resources Activities Issues 2

4 The first step in managing a team is to establish its charter
Objectives of a charter: To provide the team with a focus for discussing their role To give management a check point for early review To give other teams an overview of the team’s activities To help generate a fast start to setting up a new team or re- establishing an existing team Definition of a Charter. . . A charter is a one-page document created during a team’s launch, outlining the team’s objectives and other critical elements of success. 3

5 An example of a standard team charter
Clearly defines the areas to be covered e.g. Europe markets excluding the Balkans What is it that the team are trying to address e.g. We are rapidly losing market share in Europe Indicates something that must happen if the objectives are to be realised e.g. Supplying Europe is core to the company strategy Issues Scope Critical Success Factors The aims of the team e.g. to restore market share to its 1999 level Objectives Measures Deliverables High level indicators with a target that clearly enables progress against the stated objectives to be measured e.g. Current market share in Europe (target 30% by end 2001) The Team Identifies the key people who need to be involved and as appropriate, defines their role e.g. A. N. Other Facilitator; J. Bloggs Client Specific tasks which the team will complete e.g. Summary of market share by country for the last 5 years 4

6 When developing the objectives and deliverables in your charter. . .
Ensure that the aims of the charter are consistent with the higher level company strategy or vision Introduce ‘stretch targets’ Remember to consider soft issues (culture and behaviour), not just the more tangible issues such as cost reduction Remember not to get too detailed when building your charter. 16

7 An example of a Team Charter
Issues The Team Critical Success Factors H2 inspire delivery H2 maintain momentum within the extended team H2 ensure the changes that we make are sustainable H2 balance financial delivery with personal development H2 maintain delivery focus whilst extending influence outside the team in an environment of increasing demands on our skills H2 manage individual insecurity H2 to be a more effective link between the team and the management team H2 ensure sufficient resourcing Joe Bloggs - Client Arthur Smith - Facilitator Sally Brown Douglas Bank Ongoing communication of the need for change Focus on short-term delivery Effective/timely resolution of difficult issues Total commitment to management and the team Ongoing management support for the team Exhibit behaviours that value the team in a period of individual uncertainty Scope All team members All Clients associated with the team Leadership Team members Key stakeholders identified in mobilisation plans Deliverables Measures Motivated project team Clear communicated resource, development and succession plans A fully implemented performance management process An updated team transformation map Leadership team interventions to provide inspiration, energy and development leadership A communication and mobilisation plan A management team demonstrably operating all project processes Objectives Meeting management processes > 75% Performance review > 95% Simplified quality of work life charter followed by clear resultant action Creation and ongoing monitoring of transformation map Visible Benefits tracking Clear Plan-Do-Review process with Traffic lights system Support the project for delivery Lead new dynamic culture where agreed by leadership team Create sustainable ‘best practice’ and ensure it is articulated and delivered Facilitate personal growth, assisting self-awareness of strengths/weaknesses and managing expectations 4

8 A charter provides focus and direction for a team
Aids in communicating the purpose of the team Clearly communicates the scope Aids in team design and selecting participants The charter is a teams’ blueprint for success. Helps to clarify roles and responsibilities Clearly defines expected accomplishments Outlines approach the team will use Lists specific deliverables

9 What is a Natural Work Team (NWT)
Definition A Natural Work Team is a small group of people who have come together to address a common business issue - a top-down specification of the problem but a bottom-up development of the solution It needs to contain the ‘right’ people It addresses the ‘correct’ issues Focused on problems/solutions NWTs exist temporarily

10 Further information. . . Please contact Simon Lees or Caitriona Manser
“Using Work Teams Effectively - HPT Approach” Change Management Toolbox

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