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How your body generate Energy

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1 How your body generate Energy
Through process of Cellular respiration Two ingredients (Oxygen and nutrients from food) require in order to produce energy

2 Cellular Respiration require 2 system to support
Respiration system Blood Circulating System

3 Respiration Syatem Lungs use the pumping action of the Heart to make our Body Respiration occur Artery carries oxygenated blood to cell for cellular respiration

4 Respiration system 4. Oxygen burn up in cellular respiration and produce CO2 Vein collects blood carries CO2 and delivers to Lungs for gaseous exchange

5 Blood Circulation Human circulation originates from the Hearts pumping the blood action.

6 Body Circulation Blood carries oxygen and nutrients from the lungs, then enters the left chamber of Heart Through the Artery oxygen is delivered to every single cell in human body

7 Body Circulation Veins collect Blood which carries Carbon Dioxide and other waste to the right chamber of the Heart Carbon Dioxide is pumped to the lungs for oxygen exchange

8 How your body generate Energy
Through the 2 systems, Cells are able to generate energy for our daily need

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