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What Are They—And What’s the Point? How to Set Up Your Notebook for Theatre Class.

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1 What Are They—And What’s the Point? How to Set Up Your Notebook for Theatre Class

2 o Are a place to record information o Help you process ideas and make connections o Help you become independent, creative thinkers and communicators

3 o Taking notes ≠ learning material o This note-taking is more active; active = learning o Organized note-taking is an important career skill o Allows you to be playful and creative o Reminder to absorb ideas

4 o Condense and summarize information o Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information o Compare/contrast information o Make connections o Collect presentation ideas for later o Portfolio of learning

5 o A spiral notebook OR A 3-ring binder and lined paper o Highlighters o Colored pencils or pens or markers o Scissors, tape and/or glue

6 o The Right Side = information from class and work; is teacher directed; includes testable or quizzable items o The Left Side = connections you make; questions you have; is student directed; includes interpretations and responses to learning


8 o First page (or the front cover) o Title, student’s name, teacher’s name, class and period, symbols or pictures related to course Write This Down!

9 o 2-3 Pages at front of notebook with o name of activity o date of activity o page number Write This Down!

10 o Record notes from: o class and group discussion and lecture o reading o video or audio o Communication terms to know o Assignments o Self-Reflections and Peer Evaluations of Performances Write This Down!

11 o Reading responses and journals o Graphic organizers and diagrams o Pictures, cartoons, songs, poems o Connected or related ideas o Reflections, quotes, perspectives o Mnemonic devices, memory aids Write This Down!


13 Illustrated definitions Inner Monologues Cause/effect charts List of Tactics Descriptions of Given Circumstances Personal responses Concept web Connect to today Drawn/Clip art Comic strips Venn diagram Self-Reflective Response

14 o Related to topic of study o Demonstrate critical thinking Example: newspaper/magazine clipping with summary and connection to unit At least one per unit!

15 o Handouts should be hole punched or glued/taped into your notebook on the appropriate side (right or left) o All must be dated, numbered, and included in Table of Contents

16 o Illustrate your notes with pictures of literary figures, or o Map sketches, or o Cartoons, or o Color and highlighting, etc. o Organized notes and subtopics

17 o YES! o Collected every unit and spot checked for specific assignments o Evaluated on: Correctness, Critical Thinking, Completeness, Organization o Work must be original

18 o Notebook assignments MUST be made up! o Check with me (not during class) o Check with classmates o Check with Cooper’s Notebook

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