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 Timeline of Events leading up to the American Revolution By: Nick Richter.

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1  Timeline of Events leading up to the American Revolution By: Nick Richter

2 Navigation Acts 1650-1700s  The Navigation Acts let British officers seize any goods from smugglers without going to court  These Acts said that you could only import or export goods on British ships.  It set up Vice Admiralty Courts where you were guilty until proven innocent  Part of the Navigation Acts was the Sugar Act where Britain lowered the tax on molasses to reduce smuggling

3 Navigation Acts Continued  The colonist believed that their rights as Englishmen were being violated because they were being taxed unfairly.  Some colonists still smuggled even, in some cases, when it was cheaper to obey the law.

4 Proclamation of 1763  The Proclamation of 1763 stopped westward expansion of the English colonies with the Appalachian Mountains as the boundary.  The British did this so they could control the fur trade and to protect colonists from Native American attacks.  The colonist did not like this because some had already bought land on the other side of the line and the British ignored their claims to this land.

5 Stamp Act 1765  This Act placed a tax on all printed matter.  In response, Sam Adams forms the Boston Sons of Liberty to protest.  The Virginia House of Burgesses wrote a resolution against the Stamp Act.  Also, the stamp Act Congress was formed, and they drafted a petition that urged merchants to boycott British goods.

6 Sons of Liberty Formed in 1765  The Sons of Liberty were formed to protest the Stamp Act.  After the Stamp Act they also protested other Acts.  In 1773 they disguised themselves as Mohawk Native Americans, and dumped 342 crates of British tea into Boston Harbor.

7 Declaratory Act 1765  This Act stated that Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies in North America.

8 Quartering Act 1765  This Act required the colonist to house and feed British troops.  The colonists did not like this because while the soldiers lived in their houses, they ate their food, and looked for illegal activity at the same time.

9 Townshend Acts 1767  The Townshend Acts taxed only imported goods like glass, tea, paper, and lead.  These were things the colonists used on a daily basis but could not make themselves.  The colonists responded by boycotting British goods.  Women organized groups like the Daughters of Liberty to make the goods that were being boycotted.

10 Boston Massacre March 5, 1770  A fight broke out between a number of un-employed Bostonians and British soldiers.  The Redcoats opened fire on the townspeople and killed 5.  The colonists responded by reviving the Committee of Correspondence  Colonial leaders used this event as propaganda.

11 Tea Act 1773  This allowed the East India Company a tax reduction on tea, and allowed them to sell directly to local store owners bypassing local merchants.  This made the colonist very mad.  In most of the colonial cities the citizens refused to let the tea even be unloaded.

12 Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773  3 tea ships arrived in Boston Harbor.  Colonists refused to unload tea so the ships sat there for weeks.  The Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Mohawks and dumped 342 chests of English tea into Boston Harbor.  The colonists responded by celebrating the bravery of the Sons of Liberty.

13 Coercive Acts 1774  These Acts were intended to punish the citizens of Massachusetts.  They closed Boston Harbor until the people paid for the ruined tea, and it banned town meetings.  In response, other colonies sent food to Massachusetts to show their support.

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