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Do Now: What do you think makes the United States unique?

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1 Do Now: What do you think makes the United States unique?

2 CST Review American and French Revolutions

3 American Revolution CAUSES Self government Taxes - Debt from French Indian War Mercantilism - Limits on trade Enlightenment Ideas

4 American Revolution EFFECTS Declaration of Independence Based on Enlightenment ideas -Right to Rebel -Natural Rights

5 American Revolution EFFECTS Constitution Based on Enlightenment ideas -Separation of Powers -Checks and Balances -Consent of the Governed Bill of Rights Based on Enlightenment ideas -Free speech and religion -Rights of the accused

6 French Revolution CAUSES Class structure -society divided into three estates 1 st estate – clergy -Owned 10% of land, did not pay taxes 2 nd estate – nobility -Owned 20 % of land, did not pay taxes 3 rd estate – everyone else -97% of population, paid all taxes -No influence in government

7 French Revolution CAUSES Debt -Pay for lifestyle of king -Pay for American Revolution Enlightenment Ideas Weak leader -King Louis XVI

8 The Revolution 1789- 1815

9 The Moderate Stage (1789-91) Louis XVI calls Estates General to deal with debt Third Estate form the National Assembly -Tennis Court Oath – write a constitution -Declaration of the Rights of Man – Bill of Rights based on Enlightenment ideas France becomes a Constitutional Monarchy -Limit power of king -End nobility -Government control Church

10 The Radical Stage (1792-94) France invaded Louis XVI executed France declared a Republic Reign of Terror = enemies of republic executed -Guillotine -Led by Robespierre

11 The Reactionary Stage 1795-1814 Napoleon takes power in a coup d’etat Declared Emperor of France -Restores nobility, church Reformed laws -Free speech limited -Women’s rights restricted -Slavery restored in colonies

12 French Revolution EFFECTS Revolutions in Latin America -Inspired by Enlightenment ideas -Enabled by French defeat of Spain -Led by Simon Bolivar

13 French Revolution EFFECTS Monarchy restored Spread of Nationalism -French citizens fought for country, not King Spread of Enlightenment ideas -liberty, democracy Congress of Vienna -Redraw map of Europe to contain France -Balance of Power in Europe

14 Independent Station Quizlet Review – French Revolution -File Cabinet Week 32

15 Collaborative Station Create a Venn Diagram comparing American and French Revolutions Write a paragraph that answers the following question: Which revolution do you think was more successful? Explain why? Provide specific examples to support your argument


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