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(How do scientists conduct scientific experimentation?)

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1 (How do scientists conduct scientific experimentation?)

2 Science and technology complement each other. science- studying to find the nature of things technology- the application of science

3 Steps of the Scientific Method Observing: using our senses to examine the natural world Questioning: asking “why” Researching: gathering background information Hypothesizing: forming an educated guess that answers the question Testing: conducting a controlled experiment Concluding: summarizing the experiment Sharing Results: publishing the outcome and submitting for Peer Review

4 Variables are the components tested during an experiment. independent variable- purposely changed in an experiment and is also known as the manipulated variable dependent variable- variable that responds to a change in the independent variable and is also known as the responding variable

5 Data is the information you obtain from an experiment. quantitative data- numerical information obtained through an experiment qualitative data- descriptive information obtained through an experiment

6 Now find someone who has the same color hair as you and talk about what you just learned. You have 2 minutes.

7 A controlled experiment yields reliable and valid results. control group- experiences no change; sets the base standard for comparison experimental group- experiences a change in a variable to evoke a response

8 observation  hypothesis  theory  law A theory attempts to explain how a process takes place, while a law describes a process in nature in a wide range of conditions. A scientist may draw an inference when a hands-on experiment is not plausible. An inference is a possible explanation based upon available evidence.

9 Scientists also… use critical thinking to explain what they observe make models to represent an object or event use formulas and measurements to explain mathematical relationships organize data to present results use scientific tools to examine the natural world implement safe procedures and practices when manipulating equipment, materials, organisms and models

10 Natural Science includes… Biological Science the study of living things Physical Science the study of matter and energy Earth Science the study of Earth and its surroundings

11 Now find someone who is wearing the same color shirt as you and share what you have learned about how scientists do science. You have 3 minutes.

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