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Logarithmic and Exponential Equations Solving Equations.

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1 Logarithmic and Exponential Equations Solving Equations

2 Solving a Logarithmic Equation If the logarithms have the same base, set the two functions equal to each other. Example:

3 Solving a Logarithmic Equation More Examples:

4 Solving a Logarithmic Equation Equal to a constant, change to an exponential equation. Example:

5 Solving a Logarithmic Equation Example:

6 Solving Logarithmic Equations On-line Example More on-line examples

7 Solving Exponential Equations Simple Equation:(Change of Base)

8 Solving Exponential Equations Simple Equation (only constant in front):

9 Solving Exponential Equation Using exponential properties to solve:

10 Solving Exponential Equations Another example:

11 Solving Exponential Equations More Examples on-line look at example 4 Video Example

12 Solving Exponential Equation Different Bases:

13 Solving Logarithmic Equation Sum or Difference of Logarithms with Different Bases (Use Calculator)

14 Solving Exponential Equation When there is an exponential function and an additional variable (Use Calculator)

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