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What’s your school life like? grades, subjects, lessons, classmates, teachers clubs, homework, favourites … … …

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1 What’s your school life like? grades, subjects, lessons, classmates, teachers clubs, homework, favourites … … …

2 Pre-reading : In your opinion, what can western students do in school?

3 Life in a British School &Life in an American School. Who What activities Where When Why JohnNancy 1.Home Economics 2.Reading week 1.Softball 2.Buddy club Every year Woodland school, London Rocky Mountain High School, Denver Twice a week Every Monday 1.Likes learning to cook and sew 2.Can read anything he likes 1.Loves the game 2.Enjoys it a lot Find the key words

4 1,A life without a friend is a life without a sun 2, Once time is wasted, life is wasted. 3, While there is life there is hope. 4, Take away my good name and take away my life. 6, Living withou an aim is like sailing without a compass. 5, The great end of life is not know ledge but action. 7, An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding.

5 1. Hello, everyone! = Hello, _______ guys! 3. _______a week, I play softball after school. 5. I spend a lot of time ___________. 2. We always work together. He is my ______. 4. She is a ________in 12th grade. 6. She knows everything and helps me a lot. She is my _________. buddy Twice senior practicing hero buddy hero practice guy senior twice

6 Lucky group You get 3 points

7 1, Home Economics ____ 2, tasty ____ 3, as well ____ 4, softball ____ 5, buddy _____ A, a close friend B, with a pleasant taste C, too D, a kind of ball game E, a subject about cooking and sewing E B C D A

8 ( ) 1 John studies in a school only for boys. ( ) 2 John learns how to cook in class. ( ) 3 John's school has a reading week every month. ( ) 4 John and his friends always think that the reading week is too long. ( ) 5 Nancy is in 9th grade and she is 14 years old. ( ) 6 Nancy drives to school every day. ( ) 7 Nancy's buddy is in 12th grade. ( ) 8 Nancy and her friends often go to shopping malls after school. F F F F F T T T

9 Some more T or F 1. At the beginning of each class, we can talk to our friends about our books. 2. We can bring in books from home. 3. The reading week is too short because we want to read all our friends’ books as well. 4. Nancy’s brother is five years older than her. 5. Nancy’s brother could drive at the age of 17. 6. Twice a week, Nancy plays softball in P.E. classes. 7. Nancy spends much time practicing softball just because she loves it. 8. Julie often helps Nancy with her homework. T F T T F F T T

10 1.What are the names of their towns? 2.Why does John love Home Economics most? 3.How old are the students when they learn to drive in America? 4.What do older students do at the buddy club? 5.What is the name of Nancy’s buddy? Read carefully and answer the following questions!

11 It is about an __________ girl called Nancy. She is in ____ grade in Rocky Mountain High School. She likes _______ best. And she goes to the ________ club every Monday. She has a special friend in _____grade called Julie. Julie ______ Nancy a lot. So Nancy says Julie is her ______. At lunchtime, Nancy _______ with her friends. After school, they sometimes go to _________ ______. American 9th softballbuddy 12th helps herochats malls shopping Summary:

12 Performance: Make up a dialogue with your partner to talk about Nancy’s school life.

13 Fill in the blanks: John studies in ______ at Woodland School near London. It’s a ______ school. His favorite subject is _____________. He likes learning how to __________. Before he came to the school he didn't’t know ______________________, but now he knows _________________________. Every year his school has _____________. He can _____________ from the school library and even ______________________ from home but they have to tell their English teacher __________________. Near the end of the class they can _________________ about their books. The reading week is always too short because they want to ____________________________. Year 8 mixed Home Economics cook and sew how to do things for himself how to cook healthy and tasty food a reading weekread any book bring in books and magazines what they are reading talk to their friends read all their friends’ books as well

14 Nancy is a _________ girl and she studies in _________ at Rocky Mountain High School in Denver. Her brother Jim is a ____________ boy. He had __________ last year, so he _______________ every day. This is great because it’s faster than _____________. She plays softball after school _____________. She loves it and so she spends a lot of time _________. Every Monday she goes to a __________. She _________ this a lot. Her buddy Julie is ____________________. She helps her ____________her new school and helps her _________________. Nancy meets her friends _____________, and they always have a great time _________________. Sometimes they go to _______________ after school. 14-year-old the ninth grade seventeen-year-old driving lessonsdrives her to school taking the bus twice a week practicing “ buddy club”enjoys a senior in the twelfth grade learn all about with her homework during lunchtime talking to each other shopping malls

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