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Electronics Electricity, Components And Circuits.

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1 Electronics Electricity, Components And Circuits

2 Electricity What is it?

3 The Atom

4 Electricity is Created When… One or more electrons are dislodged from an Atom. These free electrons become electricity. If an Atom is missing one of its electrons it becomes a positive Ion. If an Atom gains a extra electron it will become a negative Ion.

5 Electricity is created from.. -Heat -Friction -Nuclear reaction -Light -Chemical reaction -Magnetism

6 Key Terms - Conductor – allows electrons to flow through it - Insulator – blocks the flow of electrons - Current – a flow of electrons - Circuit – the path that electrical energy travels - Component – any electrical part that makes up a circuit - Terminal – the place where you connect a wire to a component.

7 Complete Circuit

8 Series VS Parallel Circuits

9 Series Circuit Complete PathPath is Broken

10 Parallel Circuit Clear path is still present

11 Componets

12 Key/Switch Opens or closes a circuit

13 Battery Stores energy and gradually lets it out as called for

14 Speaker Changes electrical energy to sound

15 Transistor Acts like a switch when hit with a small amount of electricity

16 Resistor Restricts the flow of electricity

17 Diode Allows electricity to flow in only one direction

18 Capacitor Stores electrons for a sudden discharge

19 Practice Quiz

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