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Chapter 11: Section 2 Pp. 342-347 CONFLICTS OVER LAND.

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1 Chapter 11: Section 2 Pp. 342-347 CONFLICTS OVER LAND

2  Many Native Americans still lived in the eastern part of the U.S.  “Five Civilized Tribes”  Cherokee  Creek  Seminole  Chickasaw  Choctaw  Had farming societies and successful economies MOVING NATIVE AMERICANS

3  Area west of the Mississippi River  Dry  Unsuitable for farming  Settlers wanted Native Americans moved to this land  Jackson supports this CIVILIZED TRIBES REMOVED

4  1830  Allowed the government to pay Native Americans to move west  Most Native American leaders felt forced to accept payment  Indian Territory: Area in present-day Oklahoma set aside for Native Americans INDIAN REMOVAL ACT

5  Refused to give up their lands in Georgia  Had been recognized as a separate nation  Jackson supported Georgia’s efforts to remove the Cherokee  Supreme Court had ruled in favor of Cherokee THE CHEROKEE NATION

6  1838  Martin Van Buren (8 th President) begins the removal of the Cherokee  General Winfield Scott and 7,000 federal troops begin removing the Cherokee in May  Cherokee were marched over 1,200 miles to the Indian Territory  2,000 died in camps before the move  2,000 died on the way due to starvation, disease, and exposure THE TRAIL OF TEARS



9  of-tears TRAIL OF TEARS

10  1. What are the “Five Civilized Tribes”? Why are they known as the “Five Civilized Tribes”?  2. What was the Indian Removal Act?  3. Where were the Indians going to be removed to? Why were they going to be moved to this locaton?  4. What was the “Trail of Tears”? How far did the Cherokee march? How many died in camps? How many died on the Trail of Tears?  5. Who was Winfield Scott?  6. Who was Martin Van Buren? QUIZ

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