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LOGO New Standard English Students’ Book 7 Module8 Unit 2 2011.11.2.

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2 LOGO New Standard English Students’ Book 7 Module8 Unit 2 2011.11.2

3 Review (复习) : A: Do you like reading books now? B: Yes, of course. I often read stories. A: Do you often play with dolls? B: Not really. A: Do you often clean your room? B: Not very often. Do you ? A: No, I don’t.

4 Do you often eat…

5 go to see filmswatch TVspeak English read storiesswim play computer games help your mum eat fast food clean your room play footballplay basketball play table tennisplay the erhu play the zither play with dolls Do you often……? Yes, I do.No, I don’t./





10 Heping Xiaoyu Sam Maomao Daming Lili Lingling Simon

11 Answer the questions. 1 、 What does Heping do? What does Heping do? 2 、 What does Lili do? What does Lili do? 3 、 What does Simon do? What does Simon do? 4 、 What does Daming do? What does Daming do? 5 、 What does Sam do? What does Sam do? 6 、 What does Xiaoyu do? What does Xiaoyu do? 7 、 What does Maomao do? What does Maomao do? 8 、 What does Lingling do? What does Lingling do?

12 1.Heping___________writes stories in English.Heping___________writes stories in English. 2.Maomao______plays football.Maomao______plays football. 3.Lili___________cleans the blackboard.Lili___________cleans the blackboard. 4.Lingling______plays with her dolls.Lingling______plays with her dolls. 5.Xiaoyu______reads English books.Xiaoyu______reads English books. 6.Sam______swims.Sam______swims. 7.Daming______eats with a knife and fork.Daming______eats with a knife and fork. 8.Simon________rides his bike to school,he never goes by bus.Simon________rides his bike to school,he never goes by bus. often sometimes never always often sometimes never

13 He often reads English books.

14 He likes writing stories. He sometimes write stories in English.

15 She never plays football. She doesn’t like it.

16 She sometimes cleans the blackboard for her teacher.

17 She never plays with dolls.

18 He often goes swimming.

19 He often eats with a knife and fork. But He likes chopsticks.

20 He always rides his bike to school. He never goes by bus.

21 Make sentences using “sometimes 、 often 、 always 、 never”. Practice

22 go swimming S1: Do you ……. ? S2:Yes, I always/often/sometimes……/No, I never...... S3: Does S2 always/often/sometime/never …… ? S4: Yes, he/she always/often/sometimes……. / No, he/she never. eat bananasvisit your grandma climb trees drink tea clean the blackboard go shopping go to the doctor send emails collect stampfly a kiteread a book

23 Mon.Tue.Wed.Thu.Fri.Sat.Sun. read books√√√√ √√√ Listen to music√√√√√ watch TV√ √ clean room√√√ swim in winter help my mum√√√√ Look at the table about me,fill in the blanks with “never 、 sometimes 、 often 、 always” (1) I read books. (2) I listen to music. (3) I watch TV. (4) I clean room. (5) I swim in the river in winter. (6) I help my mum. always often sometimes sometimes never often

24 oftensometimesneveralways I read English books. I play computer games. I sing English songs. I speak English. I draw pictures. I write emails. I ride a bike. I eat breakfast. Read and tick. About you. ( Using ” √ ” ), Then write a short message.

25 Homework (家庭作业) : 1 、 Make four sentences using “sometimes 、 often 、 always 、 never”. 2 、 Finish the exercises about AB book.


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