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WELCOME!!! Ms. Hubbell’s 8 th Grade General Science Class Titan Team.

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1 WELCOME!!! Ms. Hubbell’s 8 th Grade General Science Class Titan Team

2 Curriculum Semester 1 Lab Safety Nature of Science Forces and Motion Energy Transformations Waves Electromagnetic Spectrum Energy Conservation Thermal Energy and Heat

3 Curriculum Semester 2 Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter Atomic Theory Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Periodic Table FCAT Review Acids and Bases EOC Review

4 Expectations Being Responsible Write all assignments in your planner. Complete all class and home assignments. Follow the classroom rules.

5 Expectations Being Respectful Ask permission to speak. Do not touch other students or their property. Do not leave your seat without permission.

6 Expectations Being Prompt Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the class begins. Have a pass if you are tardy. Turn in all assignments on time.

7 Expectations Be Prepared Have all necessary supplies and materials with you every day. Keep your work and supplies neat and organized. Study for tests and quizzes.

8 Procedures 1. Get into the classroom before the bell rings and be in dress code. 2. Come in and go directly to your assigned seat.

9 Procedures 3. Take out necessary supplies and place your backpack under your chair. 4. Write the agenda in your planner on Monday.

10 Procedures 5. Begin working on the Bellwork. Write the question and the answer in complete sentences. If you finish the Bellwork, sit quietly and wait for class to begin.

11 Procedures 6. Review all graded assignments, and organize them properly in your notebook. If you do not receive and assignment, search your notebook first. If it is not there raise your hand to ask the teacher if you can search your workbook or the No-Name file.

12 Procedures 7. Completed work for the day needs to be submitted to the Inbox (if you are not sure if it needs to be turned in, TURN IT IN!) Homework needs to be submitted within one minute of the bell ringing for class.

13 Procedures 8. If you use lab or supply bins during class, they must be organized and returned with all components before the end of class. 9. Notebooks, paper, and pencils and required assignments need to be brought to class on a daily basis.

14 Procedures 10. You may pack up your belongings one minute before the bell rings. Wait for me to dismiss you from class. ***Failure to comply with set procedures can result in consequences in accordance with the Step Plan.***

15 Rules 1.Do unto others as you would have done unto you. If you don’t want your stuff taken, don’t take from others. If you don’t want to get hit, don’t hit others.

16 Rules 2. Obey our Code of Conduct Dress appropriately, talk appropriately, don’t mess with stuff that you don’t own and don’t bring things to school that don’t belong here.

17 Rules 3. Be Respectful Even if they don’t deserve it, respect other people. If they cause you too much grief, find an appropriate way to deal with the situation.

18 Rules 4. Life isn’t always fair, but there are two sides to the same coin. One major part of growing up is learning this: LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS FAIR! However, with a positive attitude you can see the good in all circumstances. Do this, and you will be more equipped to deal with all situations.

19 Cell Phones Your phone cannot be in your hands, in your lap, up a sleeve, or on the table at any time while in the classroom. If your hands and attention are focused on your lap, I may assume that you are using your phone—I will not argue with you, you will receive a consequence. Keep your hands on the table/your eyes forward to avoid consequences. No headphones allowed, even if they are not on.

20 Food There is no eating or chewing gum inside the classroom. You may have bottles of water (sugar-free water).

21 Consequences First Offense: Verbal Warning

22 Consequences Second Offense: Parent Contact

23 Consequences Third Offense: Teacher Intervention

24 Consequences Fourth Offense: Team Conference

25 Consequences Fifth Offense: Parent Conference

26 Consequences Sixth Offense: Referral

27 Supplies One 1” three-ringed binder 3 dividers for the binder notebook paper pencils and erasers pencil sharpener (hand-held) highlighters colored pencils calculator (cell phones cannot be used in class)

28 Grading Grading Scale 100-90 A 89-80 B 79-70 C 69-60 D 59-0 F

29 Grading Evaluation Tests and Quizzes 45% Classwork20% Labs10% Notebook10% Homework10% Bellwork 5%

30 Grading Late classwork can be turned in for partial credit. Late homework will not be accepted. Students are responsible for requesting and completing work for when they are absent. Students have 1 day for each day of absence.

31 Questions If you have any questions, PLEASE ASK! If you do not want to ask in front of the class, ask me after class or write a note.

32 Contact If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me: Email Address: Website: School Number: 407.249.6420

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