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Aggressors Invade Nations

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1 Aggressors Invade Nations
Ch. 15.4 As Germany, Italy, and Japan conquer other countries, the rest of the world does nothing to stop them.

2 Japan invades Manchuria
To solve its economic problems and protect Japanese business interests Notes: Japan Invades Manchuria Japan has investments in Manchuria, Chinese Province (iron ore) In 1931, Japanese army seizes Manchuria League of Nations protests action; Japan withdraws from League Mussolini Attacks Ethiopia In 1935, Mussolini attacks Ethiopia League of Nations does not stop aggression Japan Invades China In 1937, Japan launches war on China

3 Why did Britain and France take no action against Italian aggression?
Britain and France hoped to keep the peace in Europe Notes: Hitler Defies Versailles Treaty In 1935, Hitler begins rebuilding German army In 1936, Germany occupies Rhineland Britain urges appeasement, a policy of giving in to aggression Germany, Italy, and Japan—the Axis Powers—form an alliance

4 Manchuria was invaded by which country?
Italy Japan Germany Austria

5 Manchuria was invaded by which country?
Italy Japan Germany Austria

6 U.S. Isolationist Theory
The U. S. isolationists hoped to keep the United States out of another war United States Follows an Isolationist Policy Isolationism—avoidance of political ties with other countries In 1935, Congress passes Neutrality Acts

7 What were some effects of appeasing Hitler after his invasion of the Rhineland
strengthened power in Germany encouraged Hitler to speed up military and territorial expansion The German Reich Expands Hitler plans to expand Third Reich—German Empire In 1938, Hitler annexes Austria During WWI Austria-Hungary and Germany were allies, after the Treaty of Versailles they were split up. Hitler demands the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia (Munich Conference) Czechoslovakia refuses, asks France for help

8 Europe after WWI

9 Why was the Munich Conference unsuccessful?
The Czechs were not invited. British P.M. Neville Chamberlain believed he could preserve peace Britain and France Again Choose Appeasement Leaders meet at Munich Conference to settle Czech crisis the model of Appeasement Britain and France agree to let Hitler take Sudetenland But in 1939, Hitler still takes rest of Czechoslovakia Mussolini takes Albania; Hitler demands part of Poland It was clear that the agreement had failed to stop Hitler’s ambitions of world domination

10 Why did Stalin sign an agreement with Fascist Germany, once a bitter enemy?
Stalin wanted to avoid war with Germany Nazis and Soviets Sign Nonaggression Pact In 1939, Stalin and Hitler pledge never to attack one another

11 Stalin and Hitler Hitler argued that the Polish port of Danzig was Germany’s Stalin and Hitler secretly agreed to split Poland. Hitler’s ultimate plan was to take all of Poland, but he never told Stalin that.

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