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Criminal Case. Civil Case Original Jurisdiction.

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1 Criminal Case

2 Civil Case

3 Original Jurisdiction

4 Appellate Jurisdiction

5 Concurrent Jurisdiction

6 Government or state resolves a DISPUTE between two parties

7 Allows certain types of cases to be tried in EITHER federal or state courts

8 Courts that hear reviews or APPEALS of decision from the lower courts

9 Government or state CHARGES an individual with violating one or more laws

10 Authority to hear a case for the FIRST time

11 Senatorial Courtesy

12 Writ of Certiorari

13 Brief

14 Judicial Activism

15 Judicial Restraint

16 Belief the Supreme Court should play a more active role in creating national policies and answering questions of conflict in society

17 Allowing senators from the president’s party who represents the state with the vacancy to approve or disapprove nominees

18 A detailed statement of the facts of the case supporting a particular position by presenting arguments based on relevant facts and citations from previous case

19 Belief the Supreme Court should operate strictly within the limits of the Constitution and only answer questions if a clear violation of the Constitution is present

20 An order by the Court (when petitioned) directing a lower court to send up records of a case for review

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