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Example Template for Project Presentation

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1 Example Template for Project Presentation
Team Name

2 Presentation Outline Introduction of Team Members
Summary of Project Requirements/Goal Focus of fusion system – description of application Identification of your team’s organization Identification of key tasks Project deliverables Fusion system metrics Project risks Overview of System Design System concept/architecture Operational concept Selection of algorithms/techniques Human computer interaction Data base Summary

3 Summary of Project Requirements/Goals
Brief summary of the requirements & goals for this project

4 System Concept Graphic or diagram to show the system concept Sensor1
Application Fusion system Sensor1 Sensor1 Sensor1

5 Project Organization

6 Identification of Key Tasks
Description of Task & Activities Deliverables or Task Results

7 Summary of Roles & Responsibilities
Summary of roles and responsibilities – who will do what on the project?

8 Project Deliverables List what will be delivered on this project (e.g., software, documentation, presentations, monthly reports, etc.)

9 Fusion System Metrics Identify what measures or metrics could be used to determine if an implemented fusion system was effective (viz., if we built a system to address the application you’ve selected, how would be know or measure if the system was doing an effective job)?

10 Risks & Mitigation Approach
Identify key technical and management risks anticipated on this project – how will these risks be mitigated?

11 Summary of System Design
System concept/architecture Summary of input data/sensors (what is the observing environment and constraints)? Summary of output Operational concept Who are the system users? What is the operational environment? What are the required inferences/decisions? What is the decision timeline? Selection of fusion functions, algorithms and techniques Overview of human computer interaction Use cases, sample displays, etc. Data base; knowledge-base System implementation environment (computer & communications platforms, etc.)

12 Summary & Next Steps What are the next steps in your project planning process?

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