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2 HUMAN RIGHTS CAN BE CLASSIFIED IN: – Civil and political AND – Economic, Social and Cultural

3 Civil and political They protect individual liberties, ex: – Right to: Life Voting Justice Equality Protection against discrimination

4 Economic, Social and Cultural They protect people as individuals and as a community, so that we can all live together with dignity. Ex: – Right to: education housing adequate standard of living health

5 Classifying the following rights: RightClassification To protection of the familyPolitical To equality before lawSocial To workEconomic To the freedom of opinionPolitical

6 State, Constitution and Human Rights State guarantees human rights. Ensures that Human Rights are respected Constitution: document that protects people in society, helps them live together, guarantees that human rights are respected Universal Declaration of Human Rights mentions that the State must guarantee Human Rights and personal liberties

7 Who will defend your Human Rights? THE STATE THE CONSTITUTION

8 Constitution´s purpose is to protect people in society and guarantee HHRR are respected. Constitution can do this through the RULE OF LAW. RULE OF LAW, concept that the Constitution and laws apply to both ordinary citizens and the authorities. Common good, specific good that is shared and beneficial for all (or most) members of a given community. It benefits society as a whole.

9 HUMAN RIGHTS Universal All people have the same rights regardless their differences Natural It comes from the fact that we are humans Inalienable Nobody can transfer or give up their rights Dynamic They are life-long Global HHRR do not depend on States Indivisible or interdependent They should be treated as a group

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