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The Articles of Confederation Our first constitution.

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1 The Articles of Confederation Our first constitution

2 Structure of government under the Articles Unicameral Congress Executive and judicial functions handled by congressional committees Congress would choose the president of the legislature (not the same as POTUS)

3 Congressional powers Make war and peace Send and receive ambassadors Make treaties Borrow money Set up monetary system Establish post office Build navy Raise army by asking states Establish fixed uniform standards of weights and measures Settle disputes among states

4 State obligations to each other Treat citizens equally Give full faith and credit to acts, records, judicial proceedings Surrender fugitives Permit open trade and travel Submit disputes to Congress for settlement

5 State obligations to citizens Protect life and property Promote the general welfare of people

6 Powers not given Congress Power to tax Power to regulate trade between the States Power to exercise its own laws

7 Shays’ Rebellion Led by Daniel Shays in Mass. Farmers were heavily in debt after the Revolutionary War The Mass. government began taking their farms for payment

8 In 1786, Shays called together 2,000 angry farmers and attacked the court house at Springfield. The state government raised an army and ended the rebellion

9 Mount Vernon Convention March, 1785 Maryland and Virginia met at George Washington’s home to resolve trade issues between the two states Decided to invite all states to Annapolis, MD to revise commerce regulations for the nation

10 Annapolis Convention September 11, 1786 Disappointed with turnout (5 of 13), decided to call for a Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia the next year.


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