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DO NOW Read the story "Fast Food Nation." Be prepared to discuss.

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1 DO NOW Read the story "Fast Food Nation." Be prepared to discuss.

2 Do Now: Fast Food Nation The article states that some soda companies are beginning to add water and juice to their in- school machines. In recent years, Tamaqua’s wellness policy has given our machines a facelift, limiting them to water and low-calorie flavored water. Do you think this measure has decreased the amount of sodas our students consume?

3 Debate The class will be separated into two groups. We will examine a current issue in nutrition. I will assign each group a side of the argument to defend. You may end up defending a side that you do not agree with, but this will create an opportunity to understand points from each side of the debate.

4 Debate Choose a writer and a speaker for your group. Your group should record 3 points for your side of the argument. You should also try to anticipate the points your opponents may make, and come up with counter points to their arguments. You will have several minutes to work on your points, and then we will proceed with the debate.

5 Debate Should "characters" be used for advertising when the target audience is often very young? Is it a school's responsibility to notify parents and/or students when a student is seriously obese considering all of the ill health effects? Should grocery stores and convenience stores make junk food less visible? And should the prices be higher for high fat/low nutrition foods? Should nutrition content of school lunches be made easily available to students who want to make better choices?

6 Debate During this debate, your side was chosen for you. Now that the debate is over, what do you really think of the chosen topic?

7 Interpreting Food Labels We will now see a brief video about interpreting food labels. As the video proceeds, identify the different parts of the nutrition fact panel on the label you brought in from home. Nutrition-Facts-Panel-149475019 Nutrition-Facts-Panel-149475019

8 Nutritional Fact Labels: Self-Guided Learning With a partner, Complete the top portion of the ‘Nutritional Facts Label’ worksheet using the Nutritional Facts Label packets. Answer the bottom section using your food label.

9 CLOSURE Complete the bottom of the ‘Nutritional Fact Label’ worksheet using the label that you brought in from home. Turn in your food label before you leave. We will be using them for an upcoming project.

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