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CGNA Marketing Services 2007 …for a changing landscape.

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1 CGNA Marketing Services 2007 …for a changing landscape

2 Strategic Marketing Developing a Specific Plan

3 A Specific Marketing Plan 1.A Fresh Set of Drawings 2.A Marketing Commitment 3.The CGNA Toolkit

4 1. A Fresh Set of Drawings Where it always begins with buildings: Residential Commercial Industrial


6 Fresh Drawings… Where it also begins with marketing: New products & new customers How to retain existing customers Seasonal promotions Your message & uniqueness

7 A Fresh Marketing Plan How Advertising Agencies Work: A.Company Evaluation B.Messaging & Images C.Media Options

8 A. Company Evaluation Identify Greatest Challenges (get your key players off-site & ask the hard questions) What keeps you up at night? What are your competitors doing better than you? Why do your customers go elsewhere?

9 Company Evaluation Identify Unique Value Proposition - UVP How are you different/unique from your competitors? Grocery chains – 3 “low price leaders” UVP - Must be defensible: “Ford – The Ultimate Driving Machine”

10 Company Evaluation Identify Specific Target Audience (who do you want to talk to?) Mechanical/Controls Contractors End Users New Customers Security/Lighting Contractors

11 B. Messaging & Images From the Evaluation… Define Your Message: Federal Corporation – “ Working to be the World's Best Solution Provider for Steam, Hydronic & Combustion Projects ”

12 Messaging & Images Develop a Tagline:

13 Messaging & Images Convey your Message with Images




17 C. Media Options Branding / Products / Promotions Print (direct mail/journals – HVAC/R) Email (ads/promotions/training) Company Website & Internet Public Relations (Meier Supply) Radio (Grainger/Smaller Markets)

18 2. Marketing Commitment If you know: Your greatest challenges & UVP Who you want to talk to Your message(s) & image(s) Media options in your market…

19 Marketing Commitment One question remains… …How important is a specific marketing plan to your business? The answer determines your budget It may vary for branch locations It will change each year

20 Marketing Commitment Once you have: Message & Images Media options Annual budget… … A 12 month plan

21 3. The CGNA Toolkit If you do not have a marketing staff and graphic designer…we do! Sandie Minguez - Art Director Leslie Hoyler - Marketing Coordinator

22 CGNA Toolkit CGNA Membership includes access to our marketing staff, programs and services at group rates Handout afterward of our new services and pricing

23 CGNA Toolkit 1.Corporate Identity 2.Direct Mail 3.Group Flyers 4.Catalog 5.Email Marketing – New! 6.Smart Marketing – New!

24 1. Corporate Identity Logo Business Cards Stationary Business Forms Line Cards

25 Corporate Identity

26 2. Direct Mail Flyers Post Cards Brochures Ads Posters Banners

27 Direct Mail

28 3. Group Flyers

29 4. Catalog

30 5. Email Marketing How it works: 1.Choose a template Product/flyer Promotional – 2 options Newsletter Training Classes

31 Email Marketing How it works – con’t: 2.Choose products/text 3.Email only or combine with Direct Mail 4.Update email address list (Excel or Outlook) 5.Complete order form – to Sandie

32 Product Template

33 Promotional Template


35 Newsletter Template

36 Training Classes Template

37 6. Smart Marketing How it works: Choose a template Select product/text from online catalog Select Member logo/locations Create pdf and send to printer

38 Smart Marketing Done in-house - quickly Any image/specs from catalog Only cost = Printing! Available – November 1, 2007

39 Smart Marketing Template 1

40 Smart Marketing Template 2

41 Smart Marketing Template 3

42 Conclusion Strategic Marketing = A specific plan to: Determine the message and images for your company Commit the necessary funds Utilize the appropriate marketing tools

43 Strategic Marketing Questions?

44 Two Business Tools 1.Inter-Member Purchasing Guide 2.Shopping Cart

45 1. Purchasing Guide Purpose – to provide Members with a quick reference of exclusive products, special pricing and services for sale Goal – All group participation for a valuable information resource – exclusive for CGNA Members only

46 Purchasing Guide Categories 1.Exclusive Product Members Carry 2.Equipment Members Carry 3.Items Members receive favorable pricing on 4.Items Members specialize in 5.Services Members specialize in:

47 Purchasing Guide Printed version available of 17 Members who completed the survey Survey attached and can be completed here in St. Louis Final edition - emailed and on website

48 2. Shopping Cart - Features Linked to Member Inventory Linked to Inter-Member Inventory Linked to Online Catalog – specs/images “Check Stock Option” (local/nationwide) Shipping Options – truck/will call/ship “Quick Add” – for frequent purchases

49 Shopping Cart - Features For your customers only – login/password No credit card transactions Linked to your website homepage One time installation fee - $1,500 Available – October 1, 2007 1 st Come – 1 st Served for installation




53 Business Wrap-up Topics? Questions? Issues?

54 Committees & Reception 2:15 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Core Products – Salon E Integration – Salon F 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. White-Rodgers & Emerson Motors Reception – Posh Dining Room

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