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Founding of the Southern Colonies (1607-1732).  Maryland  Virginia  North Carolina  South Carolina  (Carolinas were divided in 1712)  Georgia.

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1 Founding of the Southern Colonies (1607-1732)

2  Maryland  Virginia  North Carolina  South Carolina  (Carolinas were divided in 1712)  Georgia

3 Ethnic Origins of Colonists

4 How did the Southern Colonies Differ from the New England and Middle Colonies? Culture and the economy focused on agriculture. Slave labor became essential to the Southern economy. Towns were fewer and smaller.

5 The Southern Colonies averaged 89% of the slave population in Colonial America

6 Slave Population in Southern Colonies MIDDLE COLONIES

7 Virginia The Land of Cavaliers 1 st settled at Jamestown Williamsburg became capital in 1699 Large tobacco Plantations were established along the James, Rappahannock, York, and Potomac rivers by individuals known as Cavaliers. The largest and wealthiest of all the English Colonies William Byrd II

8 George Washington’s Mount Vernon Virginia Plantation Typical of Southern Colonies Plantations

9 Maryland In 1632 King Charles I granted Cecil Calvert-Lord Baltimore a charter (permission) to found a colony for English Catholics. It was named for the queen Henrietta Maria. Maryland was a proprietary colony, this meant that “proprietors”, or owners controlled the government. In the 1640’s Protestants also begin moving into Maryland. This caused tension and led to Maryland’s Assembly passing the Toleration Act of 1649 that made it a crime to restrict any form of Christian worship Lord Baltimore King Charles I

10 Maryland’s Flag The Calvert Family Crest

11 Maryland

12 Carolina “Land of Charles” In 1663 Charles II gave land between Virginia and Spanish Florida his father Charles I had tried to settle to supporters known as the “Eight Lords Proprietors” who had helped restore his family to power following the English Civil War in the 1640’s The Albemarle Sound settlements in the north were widely separated by those in the south such as Charleston founded in 1670. In 1712 the colony was divided In 1729 the King bought the Carolinas from the proprietors and North and South Carolina became “Royal Colonies”. KING CHARLES II

13 Birth of Carolina 1663

14 Carolina Charter of 1663 “Birth Certificate of the Carolinas” This Paper Told What the Proprietors Owned and What They Could Do With Carolina

15 Eight Lords Proprietors of Carolina Lord Ashley Anthony Cooper George Monk Duke of Albemarle William Berkley Lord Granville George Carteret

16 Charleston Founded in 1670 Charleston became the center for rice and indigo production. Indigo was used as a purple dye.

17 Plantations in the Southern Colonies

18 Charleston, South Carolina

19 Piracy Plagues Carolina Coast Ockacroke Island Queen Anne’s Revenge “BLACKBEARD” Edward Teach

20 Bath, North Carolina’ Oldest Town Saint Thomas Episcopal Oldest Church in NC Palmer-Marsh House 1705

21 Bath: NC’s Oldest Incorporated Town -1705

22 Georgia In 1732 King George II granted a charter to James Oglethorpe to start a colony for “Poor English Citizens. Oglethorpe founded the city of Savannah. Oglethorpe outlawed slavery and the use of alcohol. Swiss, German, and Welsh Protestants were early settlers to Georgia. Jewish settlers moved to Savannah. The King took control of Georgia in 1752 and made slavery legal. Coastal Georgia became filled with rice plantations worked by thousands of slaves. James Oglethorpe Colonial Savannah

23 Georgia Founded By James Oglethorpe in 1732

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