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Welcome to 7 th grade Math With Mrs. Weatherhead Phone: 832.249.5156 webs/cweatherhead1.

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1 Welcome to 7 th grade Math With Mrs. Weatherhead E-mail: Phone: 832.249.5156 webs/cweatherhead1

2 Boxtops for Education-Turn that trash to treasure! Found on General Mills products, Kleenex boxes, Totinos pizza, Hamburger Helper and many other products – 25 at a time please!

3 General Expectations Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings. Sharpen your pencil before class—never when I am talking. Bring your completed homework to class each day Raise your hand to ask questions, and ask questions often

4 Supplies Bring to class each day Homework Pencils (sharpened before class) Interactive Notebook Red checking pen

5 Daily Procedures Warm-Up (must make it up if absent) Warm ups will be done in the Interactive Notebooks and graded each 6 weeks. --Use to study for tests Check homework Lesson Work on homework (if time)

6 Grading Guidelines Major (tests.) Our test days are Tuesday and Friday. -60% Daily (quizzes, graded assignments, etc.) -30% Homework -10% (there will be homework every night—even Fridays.) -PLEASE check gradespeed for current grades- it is your child's responsibility to make sure they are passing!

7 Homework Scoring Must have visible thinking Homework grades are entered daily and separately. Late work will be scored as follows: one day late–half credit two days late—NO CREDIT If you are absent, your homework must still be completed within one day.

8 Tutoring is available on an appointment basis at 8:20 am on Thursdays. Please view the online tutorials provided by the publishers of the textbook first. They can be quite helpful.

9 If your child fails a test: They MUST do test corrections & those corrections MUST be signed by a parent in order to Re-Test. The original test and the Re-test grades will be averaged together. The highest possible grade will then be a 70% There will be one day that they can re-test. It will be before school at 8:20. If they cannot make it before school they can test during their lunch.

10 Thank you for coming!

11 Websites for textbooks Math 7 & Math 8 User name hilde2 Password mustangs

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