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EMAP is a business multiplatform media group, focusing and representing on brands who “inform, inspire and connect”.

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1 EMAP is a business multiplatform media group, focusing and representing on brands who “inform, inspire and connect”.

2 For the millions of people worldwide involved in the environment, media, fashion, retail, health, education and others; EMAP says it provides “essential news, analysis and access”. It’s focus is on content, products (online and offline), conferences, awards, festivals; but most of all on quality. EMAP is essential for business professionals who understand that access to people and organisations is key in making their jobs better. It’s ethos is directed by innovation, making decisions an inspiring the customer; as well as meeting their demands… as well as providing them with things they don’t know that they want.

3 A statement from EMAP media states… “ We depend on the imagination and passion of our people to invent and develop our brand and drive our business forward. Personal accountability is at the centre of EMAP, which means EMAP employees are empowered to create the kind of timely, dynamic products our customers find essential ”.

4 EMAP conferences: These conferences provide solutions to industry challenges. They research intensively to find the best and most inspirational speeches and speakers. These attract over 27,000 delegates a year, and usually have a 98.1% rate! The delegates are at the conferences to find improvements and solutions by hearing the best of the speakers from each cutting-edge category. The conference sponsors who have invested in EMAP have benefited from the “tailor made packages” that match their requirements.

5 ENVIRONMENT: Architect’s journal Construction news Cooling industry Engineering heating and ventilation news New civil engineer EDUCATION: Local government RAC FASHION: Drapers HEALTH: Health service journal Nursing times MEDIA: Broadcast Screen RETAIL: Drapers Retail Week World retail Congress

6 EMAP DATA AND INSIGHT… Product’s deliver accurate information, analysis and forecasting tools. EMAP provide intelligence on the RETAIL, FASHION, AUTOMOTIVE, ENVIRONMENT, POLITICS and MEIA industries. They help more than 12, 500 companies profit…by making them have better, more timely and better decisions!

7 BAUER MEDIA can connect and engage 19 million consumers every week with influential brands.

8 “Bauer Media is in a unique position to be able to deliver groundbreaking consumer insight to media professionals.” Bauer Media also bridge the gap between consumer knowledge and from an advertising standpoint; it has experience in providing creative solutions to customers. Bauer Media’s main aim I to illustrate how they can help their customers maximize their effectiveness of their advertising by providing expert understanding.

9 BAUER MEDIA reaches over 19 million adults across the media sector. They have over 80 influential media products, including GRAZIA, FHM, MAGIC 104.5, KISS 100, KERRANG and 4 MUSIC. Their business is built on many personal relationships, enabling the consumer to get the most put of the company. They connect with audiences with content, at any time. BAUER MEDIA have a unique insight into the media industry, allowing them to work closely with their customers.

10 BAUER MEIDA also allows customers to subscribe to their magazine media products; such as GRAZIA, HEAT AND CLOSER. Their selection of over 300 magazines are available in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio. BAUER MEDIA joined the BAUER MEDIA GROUP IN JANUARY 2008. Together, they employ 6400 people. They are built on influential media brands with millions of relationships with readers and the audience.. Our magazine heritage stretches back to 1953 with the launch of Angling Times and the acquisition in 1956 of Motor Cycle News, both still iconic brands within our portfolio.Angling TimesMotor Cycle News The seeds of the company’s radio business were planted in 1990 with the acquisition of London dance station Kiss FM (now called Kiss 100), followed by the acquisition of Liverpool's Radio City and later by TWC and the Metro Group. Then came the acquisition of Melody FM which was transformed into the market- leading Magic 105.4.KissRadio CityMagic In 1994, the company bought a small magazine called For Him Magazine which is now the core of the best- selling international multi-platform brand FHM.FHM In 1996, we acquired digital music TV channel The Box, as a route into the small screen business, which has grown into Box Television, a seven channel joint venture TV business with Channel 4.The Box Continuing its history of magazine launches, Closer was launched in 2002 and Britain’s first weekly glossy, GRAZIA, was launched in 2005.Closer GRAZIA Today, Bauer Media spans over 80 influential brand names covering a diverse range of interests including heat – the must have weekly celebrity title, Parkers, MATCH!, CAR and Yours. For a full list our powerful brands, click hereParkers MATCHCARYours click here

11 BAUER MEDIA’S heritage goes back to 1953, when ANGLING TIMES was launched- still an iconic brand. Their radio business began in the 90’s, with the launch of the London dance station, KISS FM. In 1996, they acquired the music channel THE BOX, which recently has joined with CHANNEL 4.

12 IPC MEDIA produces over 60 iconic brands; 2/3’s of their print reaches women in the UK. Their website reaches over 20 million users per month.

13 They have diverse print and portfolio’s and can offer their customers a lot. They have three main focuses; men, mass market women and upmarket women. Their media products directed at mean include: COUNTRY LIFE, HORSE AND HOUND, RUGBY WORLD and NME. Their media products directed at women include: LOOK, NOW, CHAT, WOMAN,TV TIMES and TV& SATELLITE WEEK.

14 IPC MEDIA offers access to their range of print and online brands. Their leading magazine portfolio reaches 27 million adults in the UK. This is IPC’s men’s division. It’s portfolio of 38 brands covers a spectrum of interests and hobbies; from Country Life, to NME.

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