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Conference Planning What?  How? Work Breakdown Structure

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1 Conference Planning What?  How? Work Breakdown Structure
Estimation of resources Definition of dependencies between planning activities Assignment of responsibilities

2 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Project - Hierarchical system (tree): Goal Objectives Workpackages Tasks


4 Task S.M.A.R.T. Criterion: Specific Measurable (costs, work, time)
Assignable (responsibility) Realistic Time-related

5 TASK DESCRIPTION Task ID, title, description
Input (outcomes of other tasks) Title, type, description of a deliverable Start and end time Effort (e.g. in person-months) Costs Responsibility

6 Example: Conference planning
1. Conference programme 1.1 Define programme of conference 1.2 Obtain speakers 1.3 Prepare conference materials 1.3.1 Obtain presentations from speakers 1.3.2 Prepare and print conference materials

7 Example: Conference planning (2)
2. Set the conference site & date 2.1 Set the conference date 2.2 Select & commit conference site 2.3 Confirm arrangements

8 Example: Conference planning (3)
3. Develop marketing plan 3.1 Develop and print conference brochure 3.2 Obtain Label Sets for Direct mailing 3.3 Mail brochures 3.4 Receive & acknowledge registrations

9 Duration of a Task Task duration = Effort / No of persons
Random character Average time of activity duration: TA = (O + 4.M + P) / 6 O - optimistic completion time P - pesimistic M – most likely completion time

10 COSTS CATEGORIES Personnel costs Equipment Travel and subsistence
Consumables Other direct costs Subcontracting Indirect Costs (overheads)

Logical / time dependencies Types of dependencies: Finish  Start („Immediate predecessor“) Start  Finish

12 Example: Conference planning
Activity Title Imm. Pred. A (2.1) Date - B (1.1) Programme - C (2.2) Site A D (1.2) Speakers B E (3.1) Conf.broch. C, D C, D F (3.2) Database

13 Example: Conference planning (2)
Activity Place Imm.Pred. G (3.3) Mailing E, F H (1.3.1) Obtain D I (3.4) Process G J (2.3) Finish H, I K (1.3.2) Print J

14 Example: Conference Planning
start F J K end B D H

15 ASSIGNMENTS Planning – activity scheduling, assigment team members to tasks Implementation – realocation of resources Control – Comparision of plan and current status quo

16 Summary Work break down structure (Tasks - S.M.A.R.T.)
Estimation of time and costs (duration, effort, costs) Sequencing of activities Project Proposal

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