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1. Finding your seat - grab your name tent from the basket 2. Match the number written on your name tent to the seat number in our class 3. Take out your.

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1 1. Finding your seat - grab your name tent from the basket 2. Match the number written on your name tent to the seat number in our class 3. Take out your science notebook and write the following on the cover Your name Science Block 1 (A)

2  Who remembered to return their signed science syllabus?  This is your first grade in science  Return the syllabus signed and complete = 100%

3  Composition notebook (70 sheets; you will need 3 for the entire year)  No. 2 pencils  Individual pencil sharpener  A pair of scissors  Colored pencils  Glue sticks or glue bottle

4  You will take the pride pass quiz shortly  We will now learn our procedure for taking tests in our science classroom  There is ABSOLUTELY NO TALKING DURING TESTS AND QUIZZES  If you talk, your test will be taken immediately and you will receive a 50! (failing grade)  1. Passing out folders  2. Sitting up folders  3. Taking tests and quizzes  4. Finishing your test and quizzes (close everything up inside your folder and sit quietly)

5  You will now take a quiz on the rules we have discussed all week long in our class  We will follow the same procedure we just followed when we took the pride pass quiz  10 minutes

6  What is an interactive science notebook?  Any ideas…..?  Video link  u2Wegc u2Wegc

7  Today we are starting our interactive notebook set – up  Please pay close attention  Your notebook will be graded periodically for the following:  Organization  Information  Neatness

8 Your Full Name Science Period / A or B This is the front view of your notebook Please label your notebook cover with the following information :

9  Now, open up your notebook to page 1  Label this page TABLE OF CONTENTS  Now number pages 2 - 4 and label each page TABLE OF CONTENTS also

10  I will pass out a tracking sheet  You will paste your tracking sheet onto the inside cover of your interactive notebook This way you will be able to track each quiz throughout the first quarter

11  Number the pages in your notebook…  Number in the upper corner of each page  Start with #1 and continue to page 25 now…

12 Interactive Notebook Rubric Your notebook will be checked on occasion. Notebook checks will be worth 100 points, therefore it is your responsibility to make sure your notebook is organized according to what I have told you. It needs to have all of the correct information in the correct place. And the notebook needs to be easy for me to navigate. Organization Every title is correct with the page # written in the corner. The table of contents is up to date. Most titles are correct with a page number. Table of contents is almost up to date. Titles are not neat and the page numbers do not correctly correspond to the table of contents. Table of contents is not up to date. Information ALL teacher notes are on the left side and ALL student notes are on the right side. Most teacher notes are on the left side and most student work is on the right side. Information is not organized as directed by the teacher. Many assignments are missing. Neatness This interactive notebook is easy to navigate with everything clearly written. (100 points) This interactive notebook is challenging to navigate. (80 points) Cannot navigate this interactive notebook. (70 points)

13  You will glue this rubric on page 5  Label page “Interactive Notebook Rubric”  Flip back to page 1 and add entry to table of contents  You will be able to refer to what is needed in your notebook to get a 100%!

14  You will glue your picture on page 6  Label page “Picture of a Scientist  Flip back to page 1 and add entry to table of contents

15  You will label page 7 Mrs. Maas email and wiki information  Flip back to page 1 and add entry to table of contents  You will write down all these steps into your interactive notebook….. This is how you will..  email the teacher….  find out what is going on in class…

16  1. In search box: type James Martin Middle School  2. Click on faculty / staff  3. Scroll down to my name: Tracy Maas  4. click on envelope / Letter = email  5. click on Earth / Globe = wiki page

17  We write EVERYTHING I tell you in your notebooks.  These notes are what will help you complete classroom activities and study for tests  DO NOT draw on your notebooks.  Remember, I grade them

18 You will receive a new textbook. This textbook will remain in the class and be shared with students from other classes You may not write in the book. Take 2 minutes now to look through it. Find something that looks interesting to you and be prepared to share your findings. Tell your partner what you saw that was interesting.

19  Everyone hold up your textbook now with the cover closed.  We might need this book to be held up easily if we needed to type words from it into a computer.  How might we do this?

20  Open to page Div 4.  I need a volunteer to read page Div 4.  Here are the materials that you will work with.  Think about what will you do to make this happen.

21  Let’s read what criteria and constraints are.  Someone please read the Identify Criteria and Constraints section.  Label page 8 of your interactive notebook: Vocabulary 1.1  Define 2 vocabulary words using your textbook  1. Criteria  2. Constraints  What must be accomplished or what is the criteria for this challenge?  What are the limitations or constraints?

22  We will now be forming groups.  Please listen as I assign you to your group  You will be working in groups of 4.  I will now instruct you as to how groups will be sitting.  Remember your classroom rules!

23  How can we organize these to make them easier for us to understand what we have to do?

24 CriteriaConstraints

25  Somebody please read the paragraph “Build and Test Your First Book Support” pg 4  You will now meet the criteria and constraints that we listed in order to design a book support.  Now realize that each student has probably started thinking about how to build a book support since they were introduced to it so each student should contribute their thoughts to the group.

26  Test all ideas out  Decide on your group’s best design and then build it.  You have 15 minutes to build it. 

27  I’d like a volunteer to read the paragraph- “Communicate Your Work” pg 5  You are presenting to the students not to me!  Speak loudly and clearly and think about what to say before you say it.  Organize your presentation to answer the questions listed in the paragraph.  When watching presentations-ask the group to explain if you don’t know how their design works.  You have 3 minutes to prepare your presentation 

28  A volunteer to read the 2 short paragraphs on page 6.

29  Let’s read together and discuss.  (Read questions on pg 25 from teacher’s edition)

30  Each group has 2 minutes to share and 2 minutes to answer questions.  At the end of the presentation let’s discuss whether if the criteria was met within the constraints given.  Learning –Ideas that work and those that don’t work are both important. Why?

31  Volunteer to please read the paragraph “Update your criteria and constraints”  So now you’ve seen lots of designs and considered how each have met or not met the criteria and constraints, you should now reconsider what the criteria and constraints are.  We may want notice things that everyone did that was not a criterion and make it one.  Maybe we really liked one desgn so maybe we pick out that feature and add it to the list.  Write in your notebook, any ideas that you have for your next design.


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