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“Das Vault” God Wills it

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1 “Das Vault” God Wills it
THE CRUSADES “Das Vault” God Wills it

2 Crusades Crusade = “To the Cross:: Christian Holy War.
1st , 2nd 3rd Crusades Purpose to gain control of Jerusalem. Holy Land – Home of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Dome of the Rock. Other Crusades, up to 7, would fight for other cities . For about 250 – 300 years

3 Western Europe Prior To Crusades
Vikings raids over. Vikings converted to Christianity People moved back to cities Europe was growing more powerful under willing to fight in the Middle East rather than being fought by Muslims in their lands Power of the Papacy has grown under Pope Gregory and Urban People fear god – very concerned for their souls. Religion if first and foremost on their minds

4 Why Alexius Requested Well Trained Knights From Urban?
Byzantine Empire being invaded by Seljuk Turks were attacked by warring Turks and Brigands Christian pilgrims Byzantine Empire feared attack on Constantinople

5 Urban’s Political Motive
Politically seize opportunity to gain control of both Holy Roman and Byzantine Empire!! Overwhelm Alexius with a huge army that would over run Constantinople and take Jerusalem

6 Urban’s Speech 1095 Claremont France: Pope Urban II called for the defeat of the Seljuk Turks, returning the Holy Land to the Christians. Uses all element of a perceive speech. Uses this speech to launch the First Crusade

7 Who Answered the Call? Feudal Lords Knights Peasants

8 Why go on the Crusade Urban calls for all able bodies to wear the cross (united as one) Remission of sins. Eternal life in heaven Be rewarded 100 fold Save Jerusalem for the accursed race Allow safe pilgrimage to Jerusalem Adventure

9 Peasant/ Peoples Crusade
Lead by Peter the Hermit Peasants drop everything and go on the Crusade. Up to 60,000 by the time of meeting the Turks Killed Jews in Germany Killed Christians who they thought were Muslims as they traveled farther East Wiped out by Turks

10 The Real Crusaders Knights prepare for a year
Strategy: Take back Christian cities Nicaea, Acre and Antioch before Jerusalem


12 Alexius out smarts Urban
Alexius realizes Urban’s plans when tens of thousands show Makes knights take loyalty oath to giving all captured lands to Alexius Quickly moves knights across the Bosporus sea as they come to Constantinople

13 Jerusalem After 3 years in 1099 Knights seize Jerusalem
Massive killing as told by Gesta, Raymond, Fulcher Will control Jerusalem for 91 years until Saladin recaptures it for Islam Urban died 6th months before this day

14 Did Urban achieve his Goal
Yes that his knights captured Jerusalem No in that he died 6th months before the capture of Jerusalem No in that he did not unite the two Christian Empires under his or the West’s Control Many killed and crimes committed along the way Lead for instability in the region for years to come

15 Results of the Crusades
Western Europe opens trade again Brought back books of classical Greece and Rome Knowledge leads to the Renaissance Banking System is created so cash is not needed. Extends into future trade Western Europeans would enter age of exploration and dominate world Mistrust of both Muslims and Europeans will continue to this day

16 Second Crusade Saladin leads the Muslim Turks to victory, defeating the Christians 1187 * He was considered a very wise ruler. He was known for his sometimes kind treatment of fallen enemies. Many Christians saw him as a model of knightly chivalry. Christian attempts to take Jerusalem fail

17 Third Crusade ( ) Richard the Lion Heart captures cities before turning on Jerusalem Wants to intimidate Saladin King Richard of England and Muslim leader Saladin meet historically to make agreement to keep the city open to all pilgrims and keep peace. Both understood that without this agreement there would be endless fighting.

18 Crusades Continue Through 13th century
Several more crusades attempted with no victories for the Christians Children’s crusade, - 30,000 soldiers - Most of them under 12 years old – Never made it to the Holy Land

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