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UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme1. 2 Dnipro basin map.

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1 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme1

2 2 Dnipro basin map

3 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme3 Chronicle of GEF intervention GEF PDF B grant (RER 95/G42) “Preparation of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Dnipro river basin” GEF PDF A project (RER 98/G31) “Preparation of a Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for the Dnipro river basin and development of SAP implementation mechanisms”

4 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme4 Specific Objectives 1.Create a transboundary management regime and co- ordinating body; 2.Assist countries in the formulation, review and endorsement process of a Strategic Action Programme (SAP); 3.Improve financial/legal/operational mechanisms for pollution reduction and sustainable resource use; 4.Formulation of National Action Plans by Inter-ministerial Committees; 5.Improve conservation of biodiversity in the Dnipro River Basin; 6.Enhance communication among stakeholders and encourage public awareness and involvement in addressing the problems of the Dnipro Basin; and 7.Build capacity for SAP implementation.

5 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme5 External Institutional Framework a self-standing GEF regional programme within the GEF International Waters Focal Area. also part of the wider GEF Black Sea Basin Strategy.

6 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme6 Partners, Resources, Status Partners: UNIDO, IAEA, IDRC (Canada), UNEP; Resources: (see table); Status (see notes below) (No cash. In kind resources only) GEF7.0 IDRC1.7 UNDP1.0 Belarus0.3 Russia0.1 Ukraine4.2 Total14.3 millions $US

7 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme7 Project Results Major Results Include: A revised Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis A Strategic Action Programme –Priority Investments Portfolio (PIP) –A regional Biodiversity strategy for protecting key habitats and species SAP implementation mechanisms –Report on the state of the Dnipro basin environment; –Transboundary Monitoring Program –Interstate Environmental Database Increased public awareness and dissemination of environmental information on the Basin to all stakeholders, including the general public.

8 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme8 TDA Prepared with GIWA Methodology adapted for Dnipro basin needs; Considers the Global influence of the Dnipro basin on the Black Sea ecosystem; Pays special attention to eutrophication.

9 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme9 Formulation of SAP Strategy Long term environmental quality objectives: 1.Sustainable Nature Use and Environment Protection in the Dnipro Basin 2.Environment Quality that is Safe for Human Health 3.Conservation of biological and landscape diversity

10 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme10 SAP implementation mechanisms –Report on the state of the Dnipro basin environment; –Transboundary Monitoring Program –Interstate Environmental Database

11 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme11 Public awareness Informational and educational campaign Small Grants Program International NGOs Forums Establishment of International Dnipro river NGOs Network

12 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme12 From Kyiv Declaration to Agreement on SAP endorsement 5th Pan European Conference “Environment for Europe”, 22-24 May, 2003, Kyiv Ministers signed the Declaration on Cooperation for Environmental Rehabilitation of the Dnipro Basin Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Use and Protection of the Dnipro Basin. SAP document constitutes an integral part of this Agreement

13 13 Proposed structure

14 UNDP-GEF Dnipro Basin Environment Programme14 Possible GEF interventions Concept for Pipeline entry (Phase II) approved in July 2004 Application for GEF PDF B grant support – pending November, 2004


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