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1 CS4521 – Mobile and Topics in Web Programming L. Grewe.

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2 1 CS4521 – Mobile and Topics in Web Programming L. Grewe

3 2 Overview  About Class  About Instructor  Icebreaker  Administrative Matters  Syllabus Syllabus

4 3 Class Ice-Breaker  A chance for me to meet you.  Go over Class Website & BB  Information about you: 1.Name 2.BS degree-what/where, Level in Masters 3.Programming experience 4.Web design and programming experience 5.CS related work experience 6.What has been your favorite CS course and why 7.Describe an interesting programming project you have worked on 8.What you want to learn from class 9.Interesting web ideas – if you were to make something “on” the web what would it be 10.Career Goals

5 4 Course Description  Title: SW Engineering of Web-Based Systems  Will do real world web applications  Focus on current industry standards  Addresses both Systems and SW Engineering of web systems. Browse our website and become familiar with it

6 5 Course Description  This is a course in building interactive web-based applications.  The course is divided into a number of topics (see outline): outline 1)Introduction to web system and commerce issues 2)Architecture 3)Data Layer 4)Enterprise Business Layer 5)Client Presentation layer 6)Security 7)Social Web 8)Systems 9)Tools, Languages and Creation

7 6 Course Technologies  Varying depending on term it is taught but can include the use of:  Overview of Languages needed  Overview of Tools Needed  Mobile Interface  Mobile Event Handling  Mobile Device features like camera, etc.  Android  iOS intro

8 7 Course Feature  Changes depending on term taught  Current:Android and intro to iOS

9 8 Some Pre-requisites  You should have an understanding of  Java  3240  Ideally 3520

10 9 Our constraints  Mobile is constantly evolving, new technologies are constantly appearing.  Mobile and Web are intertwined  There is no way that we could hope to cover all the technologies or all the important topics.  Hence, there are lots of topics that we will not cover…

11 10 Administrative Matters

12 11 Software  Students will have depending on the projects options for writing software:  Require: AndroidStudio and on MacOS current XCode AND any other tools/sw you decide to use on your local PC laptop, and you need a Physical Android device to develop & test on  Required: developer account for Android (google) and Apple. You need an android device

13 12 Course Materials  Some Lecture materials will be available on the course web site  TENTATIVE Schedule per week is also indicated on the course web site  Reading and all class assignments will also be indicated on the course web site (web site can change!)  Communication: email, wiki, blog will be done through course blackboard site (  Assessment(s): schedule will be posted on course blackboard site.

14 13 Exam and Grading  See syllabus on course website  Assessment(s) is scheduled and done through blackboard course website.  Allowed crib-sheets for assessment(s), see announcement prior to assessment

15 14 Getting Help  If you need help, you always have two options:  Office Hours: see syllabus Location: NS332  Email:

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