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T189 Digital photography: creating and sharing better images Jon Rosewell

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1 T189 Digital photography: creating and sharing better images Jon Rosewell

2 Learning Outcomes Aims The course aims to: teach students the key principles of digital photography and imaging, equip students with basic skills to navigate technological developments in digital photography, teach students how to critically evaluate their own and others’ work in the spirit of continuous technical and artistic improvement, encourage students to experiment with the principles of digital photography and imaging as part of a supportive online community, help students to develop a portfolio to be proud of.

3 Design T189 challenges students with weekly ‘photo assignments’: to shoot, edit and upload 10 images on a different theme. Students are encouraged to critique each other’s images in OpenStudio. Peer review of photography is fostered by OpenStudio comment next to image, not in forum small groups are formed dynamically each week import/display of EXIF data Providing critique helps students collaboratively learn how to analyse other images using the techniques and skills taught in the course. Receiving critique provides opportunities for improvement as they build a portfolio for their final assessment.

4 A ‘virtuous circle’ How to compose better images How to process / edit How to share How to critique How to improve on feedback received Developing your ‘seeing’ – the essence of photographic skill – can only come from you in collaboration with your peers. Sharing is a virtuous circle: the more you put in, the more others put in, giving you more out, which means you’ll put more in, and so on ….

5 Small groups

6 Peer critique

7 Assessment Assessment overall based on EMA(90%) and CMA(10%) EMA consists of: – a panel of 10 images (60 marks) – written reflective questions (choose 3 of 5; 40 marks) Written questions include one about peer review Students can develop panel in OpenStudio, but… EMA (including photos) submitted via eTMA – photos can be in higher resolution – eTMA enforces assessment rules – Tutor-written marking tool simplifies file handling collects grades/marks and comments has additional photo tools (eg highlight over-exposure)

8 Reflective question on peer review 6.By Week 9 you will have posted to OpenStudio some or all of the images that form your EMA panel of 10 images. Explain how the comments of another student (or students) helped you select and/or improve one or more of your images, referring to visual and technical aspects of digital photography taught in T189. You should also briefly explain how you used the process of peer review to try to help another student. (12 marks)

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