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Era of Good Feelings Unit IIIB AP U.S. History. A National Perception.

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1 Era of Good Feelings Unit IIIB AP U.S. History

2 A National Perception

3 Era of Good Feelings – POL James Monroe (D-R) (1817-1825)

4 Era of Good Feelings – POL The Marshall Court  McCulloch v. Maryland (1819)  Bank of the United States constitutional under “necessary and proper”  States could not tax the Bank - Supremacy Clause  Gibbons v. Ogden (1824)  Increased federal government’s interstate commerce authority Chief Justice John Marshall

5 Era of Good Feelings – POL The Great Triumvirate WEST Henry Clay of Kentucky SOUTH John C. Calhoun of South Carolina NORTH Daniel Webster of Massachusetts

6 Era of Good Feelings – POL Missouri Compromise (1820)  Proposed by Henry Clay  Missouri admitted as slave state  Maine admitted as free state  Establish Latitude 36 30’ Line  North of the line is free  South of the line is slave  “Missouri question aroused and filled me with alarm…I have been among the most sanguine in believing that our Union would be of long duration. I now doubt it much.” - Thomas Jefferson, April 13, 1820

7 Adams-Onis Treaty (1819)

8 Era of Good Feelings – WOR Monroe Doctrine (1823)  U.S. and Great Britain concerned about European expansion into Americas  John Q. Adams authored  Points  Americas no longer to subject to European colonization  Europe must not interfere with sovereignty of independent nations in Americas

9 America’s Market Economy – WXT Cumberland Road

10 America’s Market Economy – WXT Erie Canal

11 America’s Market Economy – WXT The Clermont

12 America’s Market Economy – WXT

13 America’s Market Economy – WXT Innovations Steam engine Interchangeable parts Spinning jenny Cotton gin

14 America’s Market Economy: Agriculture  Evolution of Cotton  Technological Advancements  Eli Whitney’s cotton gin  Improved transportation  King Cotton  Impact of Improved Agriculture  Regional specialization  Increased drive for western expansion  Increased demand for slavery

15 America’s Market Economy: Industry and the Factory System  Evolution of Textiles  Putting-out system  Technological advancements  Samuel Slater  Lowell System  Vertically integrated system  Boardinghouses  Recruitment of young women  Impact of Industrialization  Increased output  Opportunities for unskilled labor  Weakened artisans  Increased urbanization  Increased American competitiveness

16 America’s Market Economy - WXT The American System  Henry Clay’s Plan  Protective tariffs  Develop domestic industries  Source of federal revenue including infrastructure projects  Tariff of 1816  Rate of 20-25%  National bank  Facilitate commerce and credit systems  Second Bank of the United States (BUS) (1816)  Infrastructure  National roads, canals, internal improvements  Improved transportation connected and expanded markets

17 American’s Market Economy – WXT Panic of 1819  Causes  Western land speculation  War inflation then post-war deflation  BUS pursued contractionary monetary policy  Aftermath  First recession of market economy  Northern manufacturers demanded high tariffs  Southern farmers demanded low tariffs  Westerners criticized speculators and bankers


19 United States c. 1824

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