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A Self-satisfied, Lukewarm Church The church in Laodicea Revelation 3:14-22.

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2 A Self-satisfied, Lukewarm Church The church in Laodicea Revelation 3:14-22

3 Review Christ is examining 7 churches  Ephesus – Loyal but lacking love  Smyrna – Poor but rich  Pergamum – A compromising church  Thyatira – A weak strong church  Sardis – A dying church  Philadelphia – A struggling church Now we look at the church in Laodicea, again beginning with the historical setting

4 Laodicea 50 miles from Philadelphia 90 miles from Ephesus

5 Lycus River Valley Hierapolis had famous hot springs (6 miles from Laodicea) Colosse had cold mountain water (11 miles from Laodicea) Laodicea piped in water from both places, but it was all lukewarm by the time it arrived

6 Laodicea, the city A stadium for running races completed in AD 79

7 Laodicea, the city Had a medical school famed for “Phrygian powder” (an eye salve) and for an ear ointment Had the largest banking center in the empire –Could cash bank drafts from Rome –Had its own mint One of the wealthiest cities in the empire –When destroyed in AD 61 by earthquake, it rebuilt itself without asking for Rome’s help (a point of great local pride)

8 Laodicea, the city Exporter of fine textiles made from local black sheep  The tunics and upper garments were widely sought after across the empire

9 Laodicea, the city Had some small temples, but religion seemed to be of little importance Making money was their main religion

10 Laodicea, the church Rev 3:14  “The Amen, the faithful and true witness” Certainty, firmness, steadfastness  Ruler (source) of creation Power Nothing good to say about this church  Christ is going to give them a blunt assessment of all their problems

11 Laodicea, the church Rev 3:15-16, first problem  Lukewarm Hot water is useful for soaking, bathing, relaxing Cold water is useful for drinking Lukewarm isn’t highly sought after (nauseating)  The church hasn’t made itself very useful Seems content to simply exist Christ finds that nauseating  The result will be to be “spit out” by Christ if they don’t change

12 Laodicea, the church Rev 3:17, second problem  You say, “I am rich” A feeling of self-sufficiency  “We’ve made it on our own”, like the city had done  You are poor (despite the banking center), blind (despite the medical school), and naked (despite the booming textile trade)  Spiritually they had laid up no treasures in heaven (Mt 6:19-21) Opposite of the poor but rich church, Smyrna

13 Laodicea, the church Rev 3:18, the solution  Buy from Christ... Gold refined by fire (not your minted gold)  Purity achieved through adversity White garments (not your black wool ones)  Victory, celebration for overcoming  Right now your really naked (spiritually), because you haven’t clothed yourself with Christ (Gal 3:27) Eye salve so you can see (not Phrygian powder)  Spiritually, see what is really important in life

14 Laodicea, the church Rev 3:19, encouragement  The negative tone of the letter might be discouraging  Christ says He is harsh because He loves them Heb 12:5-7 They are in serious danger of losing their souls  Be zealous and repent Catch fire, don’t let religion be of secondary (or worse) importance Change now, later is too late

15 Laodicea, the church Rev 3:20, a last appeal  Christ is at the door and knocking He can’t do anything else without us acting He won’t force His way in You’ll have to make the decision to let Him in or to leave Him out  If you let Him in, then He will make His abode with you and be your friend

16 Laodicea, the church Rev 3:21-22, the reward  If you overcome, you’ll be seated with Christ on His throne The true power rests with Christ  Earthly prosperity has nothing lasting to offer you

17 Conclusion Don’t be lukewarm, be useful Don’t be self-satisfied, be Christ-dependent Don’t think material possessions are any measure of God’s approval Don’t keep Jesus on the edge, at the door  Invite Him into your life as an honored guest Be zealous (catch fire) and repent (change)


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