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Regions of Texas Foldable

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1 Regions of Texas Foldable

2 Coastal Plains Soil/ Vegetation Economy/Resources Dense Forest
Grassland and Savanna Rich Soil Marshy in some areas Economy/Resources Banking, Trade, tourism Ranching (cattle and poultry) Fishing Oil and oil refining Minerals: Coal, natural gas, granite, sand

3 Coastal Plains Climate Cities Wettest (most rainfall)
Mild winters – close to Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Cities Dallas San Antonio Houston: largest in TX Texarkana Longview Galveston Waco Tyler Corpus Christi

4 North Central Plains Soil/ Vegetation Economy/Resources
Rolling Prairies Savanna with small strip of grassland and forest Stony soil in some areas Economy/Resources Ranching: beef, hogs, goats, sheep, cattle, poultry Farming: cotton, wheat, grains Minerals: sand, gravel, coal, limestone

5 North Central Plains Climate Cities Light rainfall Hot summers
Cold winters (too far from Gulf’s to influence climate) Cities Fort Worth Abilene Wichita Falls

6 Great Plains Soil/ Vegetation Economy/Resources Flat and treeless
Grassland and Savanna “Sea of Grass” Rocky Soil Economy/Resources Farming with irrigation: cotton and grain Ranching: sheep, goats, cattle Minerals: natural gas, oil, helium, cement, granite

7 Great Plains Climate Cities Coldest and longest winters Mild summers
Dry region: drought is a problem Cities Lubbock Amarillo Odessa Midland Austin

8 Mountains and Basins Soil/ Vegetation Economy/Resources
Dry, rocky soil Savanna with desert plants (cactus) Needs irrigation to farm along Rio Grande Economy/Resources Needs irrigation to Farm along Rio Grande Ranching: cattle, sheep, goats Minerals: cement, sulphur, petroleum, natural gas Farming: cotton, pecan tress, grapefruit, cantaloupes Closets economic ties to Mexico

9 Mountains and Basins Climate Cities Hottest and driest part of TX
El Paso

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