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5 Chapter Five Employee Testing and Selection.

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1 5 Chapter Five Employee Testing and Selection

2 Behavioral Objectives
When you finish studying this chapter, you should be able to: Describe the overall selection process and explain why it is important. Define basic testing concepts including validity and reliability. Discuss at least four types of personnel tests. Explain the adv. and disadv. of background investigations, reference checks, and preemploy- ment information services. Employee Testing & Selection

3 Steps in the Selection Process
The recruiting process Gather information about pool of qualified applicants Evaluate qualifications of each applicant Make decisions about employment offers Employee Testing & Selection

4 Responsibilities for Selection
Hiring new employees in the organization is the jointly shared responsibility of human resource managers and operating (line) managers. Human resource departments design and manage the selection system and gather basic selection data on applicants. Operating managers interview applicants and make decisions about their “fit” in the organization. Coworkers and team members may interview and make their recommendations about applicants. Employee Testing & Selection

5 A Sample Selection System
Applications and background checks Unqualified Qualified Employment tests Perform poorly Perform well Interviews Poor impression Good impression References and recommendations Negative feedback Positive feedback Physical examination Poor impression Selection decision /job offer Employee Testing & Selection

6 Basic Selection Criteria
2- Basic Selection Criteria Education Competencies Experience Skills and abilities Personal characteristics The issue of hiring for “fit” versus skills Employee Testing & Selection

7 Basic Testing Concepts
validity Reliability Criterion validity Content validity Employee Testing & Selection

8 Basic Testing Concepts; Validity
Test validity: The test measure what it’s supposed to measure Employee Testing & Selection

9 Basic Testing Concepts; Validity
Criterion validity: means that those who do well on the test also do well on the job, and those who do poorly on the test do poorly on the job. Employee Testing & Selection

10 Basic Testing Concepts; Validity
Content validity: The test contain a fair samples of the tasks and skills actually Needed for the job in questions Employee Testing & Selection

11 Employee Testing & Selection
Basic Testing Concepts; Reliability Reliability: The Consistency of scores obtained by the same Person when retested with the identical or equivalent test. Employee Testing & Selection

12 Employee Testing & Selection
How to Validate a Test Step 1. Analyze the job Step 2. Choose your tests Step 3. Administer test Step 4. Relate your test scores and criteria Step5. Cross validate and revalidate Employee Testing & Selection

13 Employee Testing & Selection
2- Testing Guidelines Basic guidelines for setting up a testing program include: 1. Use tests as supplements. 2. Validate the tests. 3. Analyze all your current hiring and promotion standards. 4. Keep accurate records. 5. Begin your validation program now. 6. Use a certified psychologist. 7. Pay attention to test conditions. Employee Testing & Selection

14 Equal Employment Opportunity Aspects of Testing
In order to be in compliance with EEOC guidelines (with respect to testing), you must be able to : Prove that your tests (validity). Prove that your tests (fair) Employee Testing & Selection

15 Employee Testing & Selection
Types of Tests Tests of Cognitive Abilities Intelligence Tests Specific Cognitive Abilities Tests of Motor and Physical Abilities Measuring Personality and Interests Achievement Tests Employee Testing & Selection

16 Other Selection Techniques
Background Investigations and Reference Checks The Polygraph and Honesty Testing Graphology Physical Examination Drug Screening Employee Testing & Selection

17 Detecting Dishonesty; Some Guidelines
Ask blunt questions Listen, rather than talk Ask for a credit check Check all references Test for drugs Conduct searches Employee Testing & Selection

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