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Saving Files in Windows Live Movie Maker by Signorina Troullos.

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1 Saving Files in Windows Live Movie Maker by Signorina Troullos

2 1. Open Windows Live Movie Maker.

3 2a. Click on the right side of the window to find browse for video clips. You must first upload the video clips from the camera to your computer. Make sure to save them in a folder where you can locate them easily. For this workshop, I have uploaded sample video clips for you. To access them, – Public drive – Staff – Troullos – Video Clips

4 2b. To add additional clips after your first one, right click in the white space and choose “Add videos and photos”.

5 3. Edit your video. You may choose to use the themes that come with Windows Live Movie Maker.

6 4. You can save your project at any point. As a project, it can still be edited.

7 5. When you have finished editing your video (you are 100% done and will not make any more changes), you need to save it as a movie. This will finalize your video, and no more changes can be made. Click on “Save Movie” Click on “For Computer”

8 6. Choose the folder where you would like the video to save. Name your video. After you click save, you will see a progress bar while your file is saving. For a long video, this step could take a while!

9 When you see this screen, you know your video is ready to be sent to Signorina or Madame! You can turn in your video by emailing it to Signorina or Madame, or by saving it to a flash drive!

10 Update for Italian Students - If you are using Windows Live Movie Maker, it is OKAY if your file type is.wmv! (That is the only kind Windows Live Movie Maker will let you save!)

11 For more useful tutorials on how to use the features of Windows Live Movie Maker, go to: yVg

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