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Board of Education On-the-Job Injury Program Implementation Date 1/1/2009.

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1 Board of Education On-the-Job Injury Program Implementation Date 1/1/2009

2 On-the-Job Injury The Rutherford County Insurance Department is excited to announce that effective January 1, 2009 the County will opt out of the State Worker’s Compensation Program and into an On-the-Job Injury Program.

3 So what is OJI? The On-the-Job Injury (OJI) program provides medical treatment and income replacement for individuals injured while performing their duties. All employees covered under the present state workers compensation program will be covered under OJI.

4 So what is OJI? Emphasis is on employee treatment & return to work Increase focus on Safety & Training Increased accountability for following County safety rules & regulations

5 Long Term Disability A key element of the OJI program is the additional benefit of a Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance plan Provides coverage for work and non-work related injuries Provides for income replacement Provides for return to work

6 Reporting an Injury Employees are required to inform their supervisor of an injury within their current working shift Supervisors will be required to notify the Insurance Department within one (1) working day Phone E-mail Voice mail

7 Reporting an Injury Supervisors must submit required reports within two (2) working days to the Insurance Department Individuals seeking treatment must select a doctor from the “Panel of Physicians”

8 Loss of Coverage OJI benefits will be terminated if: Medical treatment is not sought within the first seven days after reporting the injury to your supervisor. Medical treatment received which is not authorized by the Insurance Department.

9 Loss of Coverage OJI benefits will be terminated if: Missed appointments Inactivity of 30 days After the passing of one (1) calendar year from the date of injury

10 OJI Appeals Process As a Benefit to the Employee: In the event an employee’s claim is denied, the employee has the right to a 2 step appeals process.

11 OJI Appeals Process The 2-Step Process: Informal review with Safety Coordinator Appeals Committee, including representation from employee’s County Division

12 Additional Information This presentation is an overview of the OJI program. For more detailed information please go to the Rutherford County Insurance Department web site to review the OJI Plan Document. Plan document will be available on line 1/1/2009

13 Contact Information For additional information regarding the OJI program please contact: Dan Goode Safety Coordinator Phone: (615) 898-7715 Fax: (615) 867-4602

14 Review Remember! Complete the five question review to receive credit for completing this training module.five question review

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