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1 Imperialism

2 Methods of Management Indirect Control Nigeria, India
Local government officials used Limited self-rule Goal: develop future leaders Govt’ based on European standards Nigeria, India

3 Direct Control Foreign officials brought to rule No self-rule
Goal: assimilation Govt based only on European styles.

4 Assimilation Adopt culture and become like conquering nation.

5 Paternalism Africans unable to handle the complex business of running country. Provide for needs No rights

6 Forms of Imperialism

7 Colony Governed internally by a foreign power
Somaliland; French colony

8 Protectorate Own internal govt. Under control of outside power
Niger River Delta; British

9 Sphere of Influence An area where an outside power claims exclusive investment or trading privileges Liberia; United States

10 Economic Imperialism Less-developed nation controlled by private business. Dole Fruit Company; Hawaii/U.S.A

11 Example of Early European Imperialism & Conflict

12 Africans, Dutch & British
Three Groups Clash Africans, Dutch & British

13 Zulus 1816 Shaka—Chief of the Zulu people. Large centralized state
Highly disciplined warriors Kept off the British 1887 Zulu Nation fell to British

14 Boers South Africa Fought with British over Moved North---”Great Trek”
Dutch Settlers “Boers” Farmers Afrikaners (White South Africans) Fought with British over Land Slaves Moved North---”Great Trek”

15 Boer War Diamonds & Gold Keep outsiders out. First “Total War”
14,000 Black Africans died in camps. British won: 1910 Union of South Africa.

16 Resistance Ethiopia Menelik II—1889
Leader of Ethiopia that led resistance Large arsenal of weapons Played nations against one another

17 Legacy of Colonial Rule

18 Positive Reduced local warfare Sanitation improved Hospitals Schools
Economic Expansion

19 Negative Lost Control of land Diseases Thousands die
Breakdown of culture Division of continent

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